Plus-size woman Tiffany humiliated at yoga studio: ‘Honestly, I might cry’

XL yoga The teacher claims she was humiliated by a peer when she booked an advanced class.

American woman Tiffany Croww social media She was pulled aside in yoga class due to her larger body.

Croww explained that when the receptionist asked her if she could keep up with the others, she tried to check in to the class because they don’t usually see “bigger bodies” in their studio.

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Tiffany Croww recreates the yoga studio she visited. (Tik Tok)

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“You know it’s a more advanced class?” Croww said the receptionist asked her, and she replied that she’s been practicing yoga for over 17 years.

The receptionist added: “We just don’t see a lot of people who are bigger like you, so remember you can rest in a child’s pose if it’s too hard.”

Croww could check out easier classes within an hour, the woman said, because advanced yoga classes can be too “hard.”

After being insulted by the receptionist’s words, Croww spoke to the teacher before class and faced the same judgment.

“I think she was implying that my body was a little bigger than what she usually sees in this class,” Crowe told the teacher.

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“She’s right, you are indeed bigger than we usually see, and the class is more intense,” the teacher replied.

“I’m here right now, and I want to take this class, can I? Are there any other hurdles to jump over?” Crow replied.

Croww said she’s tired of the false attention that larger women get when they take classes like yoga and Pilates.

“I know my body better than anyone, so it’s kind of weird to say I can’t take a yoga class because of the shape of my body,” she added.

Despite the condescending comments, Croww stayed in class and performed well.

She said the teacher even praised her for “doing such a good job” in get out of class after class.

tiffany crow yoga teacher
Crow said she would never come back after they treated her like this. (Tik Tok)

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However, due to her humiliating treatment, Croww said she would not return to that studio.

“treat [plus-sized people] Just like you do to anyone else, because they deserve it,” she told the teacher.

“Don’t know why this is still happening,” Croww captioned the viral video she posted online.

This video has attracted millions of views Tik Tok and Instagram, commenters were outraged at Croww’s treatment.

“It’s maddening! The best thing about yoga is that it suits all body types, who is she judging your level without knowing you?” one woman wrote.

“Honestly, I’ll probably cry and never go to a yoga class again… Glad someone like you exists,” another added.

One wrote: “I will be pissed off and talk to the owner. Unacceptable!”

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