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Yesterday, President Mnangagwa received a 5th black belt in karate in recognition of his contribution to the national sport.

Since the establishment of the Second Republic, his footprint in the field of sports has allocated more resources to the sector as the government supports various sports disciplines. This gives homegrown athletes a platform to shine.

This is part of the president’s intuition that no one should be left behind as the country is configured to achieve an upper-middle-income society by 2030, so there is an intentional push to support growth across all sectors.

Japan’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Satoshi Tanaka, witnessed the recognition of the president by local karate authorities on behalf of their international federation. The team that visited the president in the state legislature included famous and successful karate fighter Shihan Samson Muripo.

Shihan Muripo is a two-time full contact world champion, holds a 5th degree black belt for his contributions to the game, and has a well-documented record of success in karate with over 20 international honors.
President Mnangagwa said he was delighted that Zimbabwe won the world karate championship at Shihan Muripo.

“He is the first karate world champion from Zimbabwe, which is the pride of Zimbabwe.

“The sports minister will organize an event. He will be invited to participate.”
President Mnangagwa said at the event that Shihan Muripo will be honored for his exploits along with other local sports figures who have excelled in their respective fields.

Speaking at the same event, Ambassador Satoshi Nakamoto said he was optimistic about strengthening the relationship between the two countries through sports.

“Basically, it’s a ceremony to give the karate group a gift to the president, which I just witnessed.

“Karate is very popular among Zimbabweans and I really hope that karate will further strengthen the relationship between the people of Zimbabwe and the people of Japan,” said Ambassador Satoshi Nakamoto.

Zimbabwe and Japan already enjoy good bilateral relations, including on trade. Shihan Muripo said part of their briefing to the president was on the ongoing developments in the sport.
He said they want the president to know what they’ve been doing and where they think the government can help them help karate develop in the country.

“We are here to present Japan’s gift to His Excellency the President,” Shihan Muripo said.

“After Japan traced my history of winning medals around the world, they said your leaders should know about your achievements, that’s why they awarded him a fifth-degree black belt, a uniform and a karate diploma in recognition of the country of Zimbabwe.”

Shihan Muripo also said that “the government should support good athletes” to allow the country to dominate sports on the global stage.

Through his success in karate and his continued contributions as a coach, Shihan Muripo joins the likes of medal-winning Olympian Minister Kirsty Coventry and late boxers Langton “Schoolboy” Tinago and Proud “Kilimanjaro” as Zimbabwe’s most decorated One of the athletes” Chinembiri et al.

Minister Kirsty Coventry

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