ProAm Lineup, Lucy’s Sub8 Sub Announced, and Apple’s “Quest for Kona” – Triathlon

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LA ProAm Lineup Announced

As part of the Professional Triathlon Organization (PTO)’s new 2022 event schedule, the ProAm race is scheduled for May 15th with the Herbalife24 Los Angeles Triathlon. ProAm will include 10 teams of athletes from the Challenge Athletes Foundation who will then be handed off to professional teammates who will pass the baton to celebrity runners. The pros announced this week are: Gustav Iden, Jan Frodeno, Lionel Sanders, Daniel Baekegard, Sam Long, Laura Philipp, Heather Jackson, Skye Moench, Holly Lawrence and Paula Findlay. However, Frodino has since announced that he will be withdrawing from the Ironman World Championship due to a partial torn Achilles tendon. It’s unclear if he’ll also retire from the Los Angeles Triathlon and who will replace him.

Kat Mathews at Sub8

Another announcement: After Lucy Charles-Barclay was forced out of the Ironman World Championships and the Phoenix Sub7/Sub8 program due to a stress fracture in her hip, there’s been a lot of speculation about who will move into her Sub8 spot. The rumors have settled. British rising star Kat Matthews will continue her Ironman World Championship debut in May and attempt to break the 8-hour iron distance in June. The attempt will be on the German track and will allow for drafting and some technical advancements. It will be broadcast live and Charles Barclays is expected to participate as commentator now.

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2026 Commonwealth Games to be held in Victoria, Australia

Among the Commonwealth countries, the 2022 Commonwealth Games are scheduled to take place this summer in Birmingham, England – with men’s, women’s and Patrie individual events, and a mixed relay from July 29-31. It was revealed this week that the Olympics will be held in the Australian state of Victoria in 2026. It will be the first time a state or territory will host the Olympics, which will include 16 sports and will take place in cities including Geelong and Melbourne.

Challenge Tournament with €100,000 prize money

May will be full of big money contests. The Challenge Championship of the Challenge Family series of middle distance championships at the X-Bionic Sphere in Samorin, Slovakia on May 22, has confirmed that it will offer 100,000 euros ($108,000) in prize money to pros. 1st place will win €15,000 and 10th will win €1,000. The top ten also all win a week-long stay at the X-Bionic Sphere.

Contributions open for Quest to Kona

Want your #RoadtoKona story on TV? Ironman is open for submissions Pursuit of Kona The series, sponsored by Gatorade, follows athletes as they go about their daily lives chasing Kona qualifications and performances on the Big Island. Five athletes will be selected to participate. Submissions are open until April 29 at 11:59 p.m. ET and include a questionnaire and a two-minute video. Apply here.

Podcast Notes

  • Triathlete Hour catches up with three trailblazer Anne Hed – yes, from Hed Wheels. She tells the story of her first triathlon in Hawaii after someone at the bike shop (who turned out to be her eventual husband Steve Hurd) gave her a $100 entry fee, and how she raced win a car and use it to fund their startup.
  • ProTri News lives up to its name, producing an amateur series with two members of Team Everyman Jack.
  • TriDot’s comprehensive coverage of bathroom basics – what you’re afraid to ask but need to know.
  • What is “Norwegian training”? Ironwomen asked Lotte Miller about camaraderie in Nordic culture and movement.
  • Paula & Eric’s That Triathlon Life podcast plays TTL Scrabble, then answers listeners’ questions: Imperial vs. Metric, Road vs. Off-Road, and a nice first bike.
  • That triathlon show had Dr. Andy King talking about everything. What is the science behind hydrogel products? How are they good for you? Fructose and glucose? What’s the best way to maximize carbohydrate intake?

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