Ranveer Brar, Pratik Gandhi recall whether it was ’embarrassment’ to film same-sex couples on set

Modern Love Mumbai Ranveer Brar, Pratik Gandhi and Talat Aziz

We are all fascinated by these simple, relevant and tough stories modern love. It’s no secret that several of us dream of piecing together our own little stories in the modern world, according to the true stories in the New York Times column. So imagine our joy when the equally lovely story was announced as a desi twist!

Modern Love Mumbai Bringing together a group of different couples that are all too common around us, but at the same time – not.One of the stories is Pratik Gandhi and ranville brar Headlining their own segment as a romantic couple.

Of course, telling the story of a gay couple in love, society gets in the way and jeopardizes their plans for the perfect life. After all, nothing is clumsy in love, right? While we may have to wait a bit to see their journey unfold, Pratik and Ranveer were more than happy to provide some clues behind the scenes of the shoot. Love – white.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of two straight men playing a gay couple is — ever embarrassing? Or were they uncomfortable filming some of the more emotional scenes? Well, it turns out these little things don’t matter when you have such a strong brotherhood.

“I think we’ve all read the script and we know what we’re going to do, so it’s not embarrassing at all. We just played the role,” Pratik responded. Ranveer echoed his own thoughts on the days they filmed for the film.

“Yeah, it doesn’t look embarrassing. It doesn’t feel embarrassing, what we see in the film, it doesn’t feel embarrassing. I think we met people before, we did some things together, and yes, I said that yesterday too Well, we’re almost at a point where we’re almost the same age and we have our share of the journey to get here so we’ve come to a place where we don’t need to start from scratch. So, you know we’ve reached a level of comfort Degrees, ki chalo acha iske baad karte hai shuru,” he said.

But, did you know that director Hansal Mehta has a little something to do with it too? According to Ranveer, the best part about him is that he does the most difficult scenes at the beginning. “Aur mujhe yaad hai, jo best baat hai Hansal sir ki, ki jo sabse uncomfortable scene hai, sabse pehle karwa dete hai ki bhaiya ye lo. Other than that, everything looks easy,” Ranveer continued.

Pratik praised the way the crew handled the story, commenting that the whole atmosphere was attentive and the team was very happy with what was happening in front of the camera. Saying that sometimes when people start getting embarrassed behind the scenes, it gets translated to the camera, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

in conclusion, Talat AzizThe actor who played Pratik’s father in the film aptly said, “It was the most comfortable shoot of my life. Pata hi nahi chala kab shuru hua, kab khatam.”

Modern Love Mumbai will be available on Amazon Prime starting May 13. How excited are you to see these handsome guys taking over your screen?let us know


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