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Studio continues to adapt Lee Child’s work Jack Reacher novels for the screen due to the unique cast of characters from the story. Almost every suspect has complex motivations and behaviors. Jack Reacher himself is a very morally complex character. The ex-military officer has a unique perspective on the harsh realities of life, and can come across as heartless and unfeeling. However, Reacher also shows moments of justice and kindness that make him highly likable and even acceptable to viewers. Book fans love Jack Reacher’s directness, dry sense of humor, and boldness.

Amazon Prime Video’s latest take on the franchise attempts to capture the complexity of the many characters and storylines in just eight episodes. Fans were largely disappointed with the 2012 action film starring Tom Cruise, but so far the show seems to have encapsulated all the humor, action, and complex characters fans were hoping for. Here are some of the cast and characters that have been created reacher so popular that the show became Amazon’s biggest hit.


Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher

Reacher’s the title character comes with all the wit and physique that readers initially love. Jack Reacher acquired his skills working as a military police officer, but has since retired to enjoy a nomadic lifestyle. If that doesn’t make the Reacher hard enough to find, his online pretenses and lack of paper trails add to his mysterious reputation. Experienced professionals still have minds trained to retain details and analyze facts objectively. He has the superpower-like ability to deduce larger schemes from a series of obscure facts.

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Some sources say that Alan Ritchson read all 24 Jack Reacher novels to prepare for the role. So far, it looks like the preparation is paying off, as Ritchson brings out the moral ambiguity and flat humor that accompanies the character and is surprisingly even better than Tom Cruise at playing Reacher. Her appearance seems to embody everything that fans love reacher a hopeful series with an impressive physique and tough demeanor. Before his appearance in reacher, Ritchson is best known for his role as Aquaman in SmallvilleThank you titans, Raphael in the 2015 version Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Gloss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Maxwell Jenkins as Young Jack Reacher

Jack has never been known to run away from fights, even as a child. Prime Video’s new show takes the character of Reacher even further by giving us a glimpse into his childhood. Young AchievementsShort’s appearance brings more depth and heart to the action-packed series. Even at 17 years old, actor Maxwell Jenkins already has a full resume. His experiences range from brief appearances on series such as Chicago fire and NCIS: New Orleans for roles in feature films such as Definitely maybe.

Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin

Roscoe Conklin is a beautiful police officer from the local department. The legacy left by his father (he is also a police officer) gives Roscoe a loyalty and determination unlike any other in the office. He digs deeper and more thoroughly for evidence in the Reacher case than almost anyone else does, and the two quickly become friends. Roscoe’s optimistic disposition contrasts with Reacher’s cynical attitude, but as their relationship grows stronger, the two find a fine balance that makes them a strong team.

Willa Fitzgerald subtly develops the relationship to play a charming, warm character who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty when the going gets tough. Her characters on shows like Royal Pains, Scream, and Little lady have a strong drive to fight for their beliefs and their loved ones. Fitzgerald will also appear in Mike Flanagan’s upcoming horror series The Fall of the Usher Familywhich is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s story of the same name.

Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finlay

As a Harvard graduate, Oscar Finlay doesn’t fit the simplistic stereotype for characters in Margrave, but that might work in his favour. Oscar is Chief Roscoe and detective in the Margrave police department. When something other than the average petty crime of a small town crosses his desk, Oscar is eager to ignite his career. A case as big as Reacher could be the opportunity he so desperately needs.

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Oscar’s strengths are his logical deduction and ability to collect and store evidence. He is one of the few characters who might stand a chance in a battle of wits with Reacher. Malcolm Goodwin has played a detective in the CW seri series iZombie. He also played a minor role of Jimmy Zee in American Gangster and will also appear in the upcoming film The Fall of the Usher Family (with Rahul Kohli, also from iZombie).

Hugh Thompson as Officer Baker

After Jack is suspected of murder, Baker and the others from the police station moved in to bring Reacher in. Jack continues to run into Officer Baker as the series progresses; the further Reacher learns the truth, the more Baker dislikes him. While there’s a bigger bad guy to worry about, Baker does his part to get in the way of Reacher and add tension to the series.

Hugh Thompson starred in many films early in his career, but over the last few years seems to have switched to appearing in more television programs. He appeared on shows like Chapelwaite, I’m Sorryand Diggstown. He is also known for his role in ocean of love and to play Everett on Blessed Stranger.

Chris Webster as KJ Kliner

As the name suggests, KJ is the son of Kliner Sr., President of Kliner Industries, one of the most important organizations in the city and becomes more integral to the plot of the show as the story progresses. KJ likes Roscoe, and takes his refusal to heart, even fighting with Reacher because of him. He doesn’t play by the usual rules, with Colider writing that he operates without any moral compass. Chris Webster does an excellent job as KJ; he was born in England and still has the best career ahead of him. reacher of course her biggest role to date, but she also appeared in Most Dangerous Game and Washington spies.

Bruce McGill as Mayor Grover Teale

This classic corrupt government official puts his stake in Kliner. Grover Teh Tea strong not only because of his chosen position, but also because of the presence of his family in society from generation to generation. Bruce McGill provides a lifetime worth of experience as a character actor, with a career that’s sure to include at least one thing everyone sees. Some of his most famous and recognizable roles include MacGyver My Cousin Vinnie, and Drive Together.

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Kristin Kreuk as Charlene Hubble

At first glance, Charlene Hubble looks like an average family lady. She is fiercely loyal to her husband and two daughters, and does whatever it takes to protect them. When Hubble’s phone was found at the crime scene, he went to great lengths to keep his family out of trouble, even lying to investigators. Kristin Kreuk plays this conman character as naturally as all the other roles. Kreuk is known for playing Lana Lang in Smallville and Catherine Chandler in the modern adaptation of The beauty and the Beast (TV shows).

Harvey Guillen as Jasper

Despite his friendly and modest demeanor, jasper become a very strong and important ally for Team Reacher. His medical examination skills make him invaluable for homicide investigations. Jasper loves Margave and the quiet life she has built in the small town. When tragedy strikes the Margrave, Jasper faces the challenge of protecting his community and keeping his city safe. Harvey Guillen appears in What We Do in the Shadows and Zoey’s Amazing Playlisthad a great comedic time but went above and beyond here in a much more subtle role. He often plays strong supporting roles who act as the backbone or crutch of the entire series, and Jasper has become a fan favorite character.

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