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With the Bank Holiday weekend approaching, and a week after the highly anticipated IRONMAN World Championships in St. George, it’s no surprise to see that we have a relative “calm before the storm”.

In Italy, however, the fourth professional event will take place Challenge Riccione, located at Flamingo Beach. The event had previously been held in Rimini for five years, moving from 2018 to Riccione, a few miles off the coast.

Every previous Pro Men’s champion will return with Emma Pallant-Browne, who will seek to (re)start her season on the right track. She will start as the person most likely to do it.

Start time and how to follow the live stream

The 2022 Riccione Challenge will take place on Sunday, May 1st. The race started leisurely at 0930 local time.

This corresponds to 0830 UK and 0330 ET.

At the time of writing, we’re not aware of any plans to stream/live the match, but we’ll of course update here if we find out further.

A live timing link may be posted prior to the start of the race under the “Live” tab on the Challenge Family website.

professional woman

Professional women’s favourites are definitely British Emma Palant-Brown, the PTO currently ranks 7th in its world rankings. As one of the most frequent racers and consistent athletes on the circuit for the past five or six years, this will be Emma’s first race since the harrowing scene of heatstroke at the Miami CLASH earlier this season affected DNF .

Hopefully Sunday’s game will show that she has been able to put it behind her with no ill effects. There’s a strong team behind her and if they don’t have confidence in her full recovery and health, I don’t think she’s going to play. There is no doubt that Emma, ​​who went all out, won the game.

Emma Palant-Brown at the 2021 Collins Cup

More than one British athlete on the podium seems realistic, Indian plum also returned to Italy. India competed last year where she finished second behind Sarissa De Vries (NED) and has started her 2022 campaign with a third at Challenge Salou. At least previous form and standings suggest she can improve on the Spanish side in Italy.

IRONMAN 70.3 Nice, France - Indian Lee
Indian Lee at IRONMAN 70.3 Nice 2021

Home soil is usually a good thing so I had to go Marta Bernardi (ITA) as my choice for 3rd this weekend. That’s where she finished last year and also finished fifth in 2019.

professional man

The 2021 version of this race runs fast Thomas Stig (AUT) to take the championship, run down (also fast…) Pablo Dapena Gonzalez. The Austrians are back and will start from bib #1. It’s a race he’s very familiar with, finishing second in both 2019 and 2018.

Those who beat him in those games— Mattia Cecarelli (ITA) and Giulio Molinari (ITA) – Will again provide strong competition, of course trying to win in their home country.

Riccione Challenge 2019 - Photo Credit José Luis Hourcade
Mattia Ceccareli (center) and Thomas Steger (left) in 2019

Although his game here 12 months ago did not go well, the match appears to present a good chance for the British game. Thomas Davis Produce a performance we know his talent and training are capable of. Judging by his impressive performance at the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona, the road was bumpy with crashes, mechanical failures and poor form along the way, but still only 27 years old, a couple of strong performances are sure to come Get him back on track.

Fingers crossed, unlike Salo, the most recent challenge, Tom started the race with his mighty swim rather than a triathlon.

Dhoni Triathlon 2021 / PTO
Darren Wheeler/ThatCameraMan

You can click here for a complete list of getting started. (Pro athletes from #1 to #43)

Bonus: what?

The prize offered this weekend is €19,000 – each winner will receive €3,500

The total funds will be paid to the Sixth Deep as follows:

  1. 3,500 EUR
  2. 2,100 EUR
  3. 1,400 euros
  4. 1,150 EUR
  5. 850 euros
  6. 500 euros

Of course, the financial rewards in performance don’t just come from the day’s performance, thanks to the creation of a professional triathlon organization.

Based on the final rankings in these points tables, by the end of 2022, the PTO World Rankings will receive a total of $2 million in prize money. The rewards there can be substantial, and as you move up or down the ranking system, you’re likely to get more than any individual event.

Race For The Ranking 2021 PTO Bonus Wallet

As a challenging family activity, athletes also have a third potential source of income thanks to Challenge Home World Bonus!

Challenge Family offers a $125,000 prize pot, paid out in the form of $25k / $16.5k / $12k / $6k / $3k to the top five men and women of the Challenge Family/CLASH Endurance season.

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