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In addition to international flights and travel, facilities offered at the airport have also been affected by Covid-19 restrictions. San Francisco airport reopens yoga studios after a two-year hiatus as Covid-19 restrictions ease. Notably, the airport has two dedicated yoga studios that fall under the category of free airport amenities that opened in 2012.

Yoga studios at San Francisco International Airport closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Authorities opened the facility for travelers on April 4. The free yoga facility with yoga mats is divided into two rooms. These facilities are located in post-security locations in Terminals 2 and 3 of the airport.

The yoga studio at San Francisco Airport was designed by transforming a storage room into a facility. Continuing the idea of ​​building such a facility at the airport, the design and construction responsibilities for transforming the storage room into a yoga facility were done by Gensler for the T2 project. The T3 Yoga Facility was built on the road after the T2 Yoga Facility.

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Talking about the design, the design of the facility follows a minimalist design pattern. The reason for following design patterns goes back to providing a distraction-free environment. Talking about a distraction-free environment, there is no TV in the facility. In addition, items such as cell phones, shoes, food and beverages are prohibited in the area.

Back when it opened the facility in 2012, San Francisco International Airport claimed the airport’s yoga studio facility was unique. In the case of San Francisco, other airports such as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened their own yoga facilities later in 2012, followed by Chicago O’Hare International Airport in December 2013 and Chicago Midway Airport in 2014. Likewise, Miami International Airport and Burlington International Airport have their own yoga facilities.

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