Sega Could Plan Its Own Gaming Metaverse

A recent job posting suggests that Sega may want to push the gaming metaverse as part of the company’s future strategy.

For decades, feel free has become a staple in the video game industry, thanks in large part to the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog together Yakuza, Fantasy Stars Online, and others. Now, with many game companies looking to invest in new tech trends, be it the metaverse or web 3.0, Sega seems to be joining in as well. In fact, it seems the company has its own metaverse ambitions.

Since its release in the early 90s, Sonic the Hedgehog has remained one of Sega’s most recognizable franchises over the years. Thanks to its two recent films, its fan base and appeal continues to show promise as the company seeks to develop the franchise further. Over the past few months, Sega has announced a number of upcoming Sonic projects include retro style Sonic Origin as well as another mainstream title called Sonic Frontier. However, one of the company’s most recent job openings suggests that Sega may have a metaverse plan that goes hand in hand with Sonicfuture.


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The post lists vacancies for Senior Producer for mobile games and the metaverse at Sonic manufacturer’s office in Burbank, CA. Therefore, the senior producer will help with the delivery Sonic the Hedgehog mobile and metaverse products to be developed for the global market. Among its many other responsibilities and requirements, the role also states that candidates must have an understanding of “a solid mobile experience, as well as what a future metaverse experience will look like” and to be aware of the various needs and limitations of the metaverse “to remain successful and relevant.”

As seen in recent months, Sega has stepped up its efforts around Sonic franchise especially with upcoming titles. In addition, the company has mentioned that the digital version of the classic Sonic the title will be removed from the list in May after release Sonic Origin. This means that fans may not be able to play Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knucklesand CD other than through Sonic Origin. It could also be an indication that Sega may be preparing a franchise for its future metaverse.

Of course, Sega isn’t the only company pushing the metaverse. Bandai Namco has invested $150 million into “metaverse IP” and recently, Epic partnered with LEGO for its own metaverse project. While it is not clear what feel free‘s game metaverse might look like, it will be interesting to see how this space will play out in the gaming industry.

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