Sonic Becomes King And Father Causes Stressful Midlife Crisis

Then comic book lead author Ken Penders series “Mobius: 25 Years Later” explores Sonic the Hedgehog’s life as king and father in a sad way.

Special event at Archie Comics which is now discontinued Sonic the Hedgehog The series takes readers 25 years into the future where Sonic reigns as king and even has a family of his own. But this version of Sonic suffers from a midlife crisis that shows the hedgehog in a very different light than before.

Despite being the fastest thing alive, Sonic has always been the stereotypical teen hero. He had a strange demeanor, didn’t follow orders well, was very impatient and, most importantly, had a lot to do growing up. While it’s a useful power, Sonic’s super speed doesn’t make him a great person. Even though fans knew he would indeed grow up one day, they always assumed he wouldn’t change much.


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But then lead comics writer Ken Penders introduced “Mobius: 25 Years Later,” a special event that appears as a secondary story in issues #136 through #144, an effort that also features the talents of pencil-maker Steven Butler, inkmaker Jim Amash, letter writers. John E. Workman and colorist Jason Jensen. In “25 Years Later,” Sonic is described as the typical adult who would rather stay at home than visit his friends, often suggesting various reasons for him not to attend such reunions – even with his best friend Tails on many occasions. On top of that, Sonic seemed to be going through some sort of midlife crisis. Not only is it his reaction to present-day challenges that causes Knuckles to actually ask Sonic what happened to him, but Sonic articulates to his wife, now Queen Sally, how he doesn’t cut her off as king and prefers to be adventurous. Although he denies his wife’s accusations that he doesn’t want to be a father anymore, Sonic’s later actions seem to prove otherwise as he risks his child and wife living a life without a husband or father, all so that he can save the day once. again.

Queen Sally talks about how her husband King Sonic the Hedgehog didn't see Tails when he moved in Mobius: 25 Years Later by Ken Penders.

While these are fairly unsettling developments, Sonic’s actions during the series’ normal timeline suggest they shouldn’t come as a surprise. After becoming the consort of Sally’s kingdom, Blue Blur expresses his doubts about becoming king and Sonic ends up sabotaging his relationship with Sally because he can’t say that being with him is more important than fighting Robotnik. After all, he had warned Sally that he doubted he would ever adjust to royal life. Then, much later in issue #200, Sonic had an existential funk after Sonic completely shattered Robotnik’s mind. All Sonic was worried about was how he never imagined victory would look like that. After such an incident, was it too reasonable to think that Sonic would later think twice about becoming king or that he would experience a midlife crisis in the future? As for Sonic not being connected to Tails, lead comic writer Ken Penders said Screen rant that, in writing stories, he imitates what happens in real life. “When we grow up, we go through things like college or the military. Your friends get married, you get married, and you realize that you are not spending time with those friends but the family you are building. That’s where my mind is,” she says. “Not that Sonic and Tails’ relationship was so bad, but that they grew apart because it was a natural order.

After Penders left Sonic series, Archie Comics ends the story with him embracing his future as king and having more children with his ex-girlfriend and now wife Queen Sally. But it’s still important to note that, when initially faced with the choice of staying with his family or going on adventures, Sonic’s midlife crisis was so deep that he chose the latter. It not only makes Sonic the Hedgehog more flawed and mature characters, but it proves that even the fastest living creatures are not immune to the struggles of adults.

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