Sonic Cinematic Universe Needs to Handle Newest Games With Care

Lots Sonic the Hedgehog fans are aware that this series deals with interesting lore. Sonic Adventure 2 features Sonic being framed for Shadow’s crimes and escaping military captivity, Sonic Hero saw Metal Sonic overthrow Eggman to try and take over the world, and more. Now, these games have a chance to hit the big screen through Sonic cinematic universe, but things may get complicated as the film is almost adaptable Sonic’s newer title.

first Sonic the Hedgehog In the film, Sonic comes to Earth via a ring that sends him across the galaxy. Because of this, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are seen as intergalactic alien beings. While Sonic’s story from another world seems overkill for a live-action/CGI film, it’s actually quite appropriate for the overall scope of the cinematic universe. Some of the key elements of Sonic the franchise deals with alien life forms, but this only scratches the surface of what the series is dealing with.


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Sonic Cinematic Universe Reach

Both of them Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has made record profits for video game movies. When Sonic fans make up a fair share of that audience, there are also viewers who most likely never played Sonic game. While this isn’t a bad thing, as it helps increase exposure for the entire franchise, it might mean that when games like Sonic Unleashed adapted for cinema, new fans may not accept it openly.

An important aspect of any story deal is keeping the audience in suspension from their disbelief. This concept has to do with how long viewers can ignore that certain elements in a story are not real for the sake of depth. It is important for any medium to keep people interested, no matter how outward it may seem, that way viewers can enjoy the story without question. Some later Sonic games, many of which Sega pulled from the market due to poor reception a few years ago, tested the suspension of disbelief for many players. A film adapting this game will probably confuse a whole new audience in the same way.

Latest Sonic Game Story

Many are loyal Sonic Fans who regularly follow the series know that every game is different when it comes to storytelling. One game might deal with Sonic and friends racing on hoverboards at Grand Prix around the world, and the next sees Sonic being kidnapped by Dr. Eggman for six months because the whole world is at war. While jumping between these different tones may be normal in video games, movies need a more cohesive narrative. This can cause problems when it comes to adapting stories from newer games in particular.

Due to the different nature of this game’s story, it might make fans wonder what the title will be like Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic Generation can be customized. However, there is a high possibility that many people have never played the game before Sonic films will get confused or lose interest in movies or TV shows related to Sonic the Werehog or Sonic’s adventures with Babylon Rogues from Sonic Riders. However, these games should not be neglected when it comes to deciding what the cinematic universe should adapt to.

Why Sonic Cinematic Universe Should Adapt New Game

Even as confusing as some of the newest additions to Sonic knowledge can, use it to expand Sonic the cinematic universe has a lot of potential. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight have been praised by many Sonic fans for their stories, with the last being seen as an example of how Sonic the story must be general, and released The opening cutscene is similar to the movie itself. It means a lot Sonic Fans are hoping to see this game adapted in some way, and the cinematic universe should keep that in mind.

For the sake of possibly bringing Sonic the Werehog or even Wisps to theaters, Paramount may need to adapt these games to fit what’s already in the cinematic universe. This is important to ensure the new audience is not confused. However, changes to this fan-favorite narrative need to be made with caution, or the entire audience may be lost due to some Sonic fans didn’t take well with Paramount’s changes.

The problem with adapting video games to movies in a way that appeals to the audience is not exclusive to Sonic franchise. Video game films in general tend to have a difference between an audience of loyal players and an ordinary audience. While some films try to grab the attention of viewers by indulging and embracing knowledge exclusive to the world of film, more often than not the cast is not invested. On the other hand, if these video game movies try to only remember players, they might actually be missing out on new viewers. It is important that Sonic the film continues to try and entertain both audiences.

However, while adapting a game to a less than positive reception may seem like a risk, if done well, this project can be a great one for you. Sonic cinematic universe. Regardless of how some fans question the addition sonic color Blob and Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six, this newer game could easily make for a good movie if enough attention was put into the project. While it’s understandable that not every game can function as a movie, Paramount had to see this as a challenge and tackle unexpected territory recently. Sonic knowledge. In the end, faithful film even the strangest part of Sonic the Hedgehoghistory can be useful.

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