Sonic Frontiers avoid the dreaded Sonic Cycle

The last time we saw the right trailer for Sonic Frontier was at The Game Awards in December 2021. By then, it had been more than six months since Sega released a cryptic teaser trailer at the end of its Sonic Central livestream. The game was set to launch in time for Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, but Sega made it clear that they are delaying its release until the 2022 holiday season to give Sonic’s team more time to brush up on its qualities during the development phase. Other than that (and confirmation that Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock will reprise their voice roles), we haven’t gotten any major updates since.

In a recent live broadcast on Sonic’s YouTube channel, Sonic’s social media manager Katie Chrzanowski said that Sonic Frontier it’s still slated to come out during the 2022 holiday season and Sega will be providing more news updates on it soon. However, he did not give an idea of ​​how soon “soon”.

The lack of updates on any Sonic game can make fans impatient, making them tap their feet and say, “I’m waiting!” But whether they like it or not, Sega remains silent Sonic Frontier‘ development updates can actually be a good thing. Sure, we only received two trailers in the span of seven months last year, but that’s better than the company hyping it up with multiple trailers and updates before the game’s release according to the legendary meme known as the Sonic Cycle. It’s a pattern that always seems to repeat itself no matter how interesting the game is.

Gotta get the hype fast

The Sonic Cycle is a meme that satirizes the hype and disillusionment that Sonic fans — and journalists, to some extent — experienced during the marketing phase of the Sonic game, from the announcement trailer to its release date. The play cycle is in three phases. First, a new game was announced along with early screenshots showing Sonic without his friends, raising fans’ expectations and leading them to claim the game as Sonic’s biggest comeback yet. In the second phase, more information was published, showing off screenshots of Sonic’s old friend, new characters, and seemingly the same gameplay as the previous entry, crushing fans’ expectations. On the game’s release day (final stage), journalists wrote down-to-earth reviews of how bad it was, fans became disillusioned, and they vowed never to be fooled again. And the cycle starts again the next time a Sonic game is announced.

One of the first Sonic games to experience the Sonic Cycle was sonic ’06. Sega hyped this game to the max because it was meant to be a complete reboot of the franchise. With new character designs and highly detailed 3D environments showcased in the E3 trailer and new consoles coming out later that year, it’s destined to be the perfect 15th anniversary title — or so we think.

The development team split in half to work on that game and Sonic and the Secret Ring for the Wii, and there was pressure to get the game out earlier in the holiday season. As the devs crackle, Sega gets excited sonic ’06 even further. Upon its release, fans lashed out at it for its many game-breaking bugs, inadequate gameplay, and unpleasant storyline—which included a sinful scene where the human Princess Elise kisses Sonic to bring him back to life. Simply put, it died on arrival as it didn’t live up to the hype.

Sonic turns into a pig-man in Sonic Unleashed.

In April 2008, Sonic Unleashed announced, with Sega revealing that Sonic will transform into a werewolf at night Teen Wolf. Fans are considered released to be a triumphant comeback for Sonic after controversial release sonic ’06. Thus, Sonic Cycle was born and is already circulating online.

As the month progresses and more information about the game rolls in, including familiar gameplay and new character renders, fans are beginning to enter the second phase of the cycle. After its release in November, fans and journalists ruthlessly panned it down to the Werehog’s weak level in the game. Not even the beautiful graphics bump can save it.

Sonic Power is the latest game to fall victim to death due to overhype. At first, fans were happy to see Classic Sonic return to the fray after Generation and the introduction of a special avatar character (to the delight of the Sonic fan artist who already made “OC” on DeviantArt). But marketing for the game quickly spiraled out of control, with a steady stream of trailers coming out nearly every week and a new soundtrack dropping left and right. Sega even went so far as to promote play at Hooters in Japan, which was an odd left-court action. After the game’s release, fans were left disappointed by its lousy writing, character blank expressions, and terrible lighting.

And the cycle continues.

Slow down

Sonic looks off into the distance at Sonic Frontiers.

This long history leads us to Sonic Frontier, which has a much quieter cycle of sensations in comparison. With the game’s release window fast approaching, fans are wondering why additional trailers, soundtracks, screenshots, and character renders from previous games are nowhere to be found.

Sega did say it wanted to take all the time it took to develop the game to perfection, which is the epitome that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. It didn’t mention that it would reduce the number of trailers uploaded to social media and slow the flow of other information in the months leading up to the game’s release. Even if it did, it would have accidentally damaged Phase 2 of the Sonic Cycle by staying still. Without a lot of trailers and information for fans to scrutinize, fans are still living happily ever after in Phase 1.

It’s been five months since the announcement trailer was released at The Game Awards, and Sega’s silence afterward reveals the truth: Sonic Team doesn’t want to upset fans with Sonic Frontier. Seems to learn to relax with game marketing, as too many trailers leave little to the imagination. No matter how the quality of the final game will turn out, all the information we have to get is a lush view of Starfall Island, improved graphics, Sonic’s new cyber powers, an Ian Flynn-driven storyline, and the unknown leviathan robot Sonic will use. face. The rest will come in good, sweet times, and we can only hope that the game is worth the wait.

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