Sonic Movies Will Never Show Knuckles’ Most Shocking Story

While Knuckles joins the film world from Sonic the Hedgehog, his darkest moments are too R-rated to feature in film.

With knuckles‘ is included in the second Sonic the Hedgehog film, fans will be able to see a lot of Echidna on the big screen. But if anyone expects to see Knuckles’ darkest when adapted, they had to curb their expectations as it was too R-rated for the film.

Knuckles the Echidna is one of the main characters from SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog series, and is the only surviving Echidna descendant of the Knuckles Clan. Like Sonic, Knuckles comes from a video game character, making his most defining features his playable abilities. Knuckles is known for his superhuman strength and the two nail-like knuckles on each hand. Because he’s a loner, Knuckles has a tougher attitude than the others Sonic the Hedgehog character, the aspect that made him a beloved character on his debut… makes his darkest story even more twisted.


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In Sonic the Comic #88 by Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn, Knuckles finds himself in a version of the Old American West, and is soon arrested and charged with attempted murder. It was clear Knuckles had been framed for this crime, with every intent to prove his innocence if given the chance. However, the real culprit behind the attempted assassination clearly wanted to keep Knuckles quiet. So when the sheriff went out of town, the criminals actually organized a mob to break into Knuckles’ cell, and dragged him outside with the intent to hang him from a tree to death. Thus freeing the real criminal from any suspicion, and providing young readers with a very dark scene for a Sonic comic adventure.

Knuckles Hanged in Sonic Comic

The comic seems to avoid the most shocking imagery, but it still explicitly shows Knuckles being attacked by mobs with the intent to kill him in cold blood, and it’s not subtle. The reader witnesses a rope being tossed over a tree branch, and Knuckles standing on a box that was meant to be kicked out of under him once the rope wrapped around his throat. While he’s rescued by the sheriff returning to town just in time, the whole scene is downright weird, and unexpectedly dark (especially for comics aimed at kids, to advertise a video game also meant for kids).

While Knuckles had been dealing with some tough moments during this time Sonic the Hedgehog lore – including the death of his father – this scene is a step beyond the character’s past tragedies. The visuals of children’s characters being paraded by angry mobs to death with violence is something that would be quite difficult to reconcile with the audience, making knuckles‘ darkest moment too R-rated for Sonic the Hedgehog film.

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