Sonic The Hedgehog: Funny Sanic Memes

Sonic Porcupine is a legend for all the right reasons. He’s a blue hedgehog who has starred in 16-bit era masterpieces (and several other games) and became a mascot that could compete with Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber. Then there’s the Sanic Hegehog.

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Originally created by YouTuber 0nyxheart in 2010 using Microsoft Paint, this roughly drawn version of the blue mammal is always eager to go fast and always wants his opponent to “step up”. The character gained such fame that he even appeared in live action films. He also has his fair share of memes. Here are some of them displaying the gallant “hegehog”.


7 Must Do Math!

This creative meme from Reddit User TheBlackHoleofDoom at first looks like another Sanic image, but upon closer inspection, there’s something mathematical about this image.

It is produced using only mathematical symbols. The arms and legs are brackets, the eye is a symbol of infinity with two decimal points, and the spikes on the back are made of brackets and a V for speed. Sonic is all about speed, and speed is measured by numbers, so it makes sense to build Sanic out of symbols that bind the universe together.

6 Gotta Go Fuel!

Energy drink and supplement brand G-Fuel is a leading name in the gaming community, sponsoring YouTubers and streamers including PewDiePie and MoistCr1TiKaL. The products come in a variety of flavours, including, of all things, chili dog(?).

On April 1, 2021, G-Fuel is promoting a special Sanic-themed energy mix drink, along with a special cup with Sanic emblazoned on it. The weirdest thing is that this isn’t just an April Fool’s joke; it’s a real product that people can actually buy. The link in the announcement leads to a 404 page now, but subscribers can still get two Sonic-themed flavors.

5 Skyrim Belongs to Sanics

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim still playable a decade after its initial release. With its stunning landscapes, rich lore, and countless characters, there’s always something new to explore. The game is also still getting fan mods to this day, including this character mod.

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At the beginning Skyrim, the player can choose what race of creatures to play. This mod introduces the Sanic race, in this trailer from a video by YouTuber VideoGameDunkey, posted by Reddit user Tkamran1. His strength is to go fast, but his weakness is that he has to go fast. This mod is very similar to the original Sonic design for the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film.

4 Sanic Thinkr

Here’s an interesting take on Sanic from Muumi at Here, she poses in the pose of French artist Auguste Rodin’s classic sculpture, The Thinker. The drawing uses variations in colored pencil shading to create the illusion of dynamic light, and the outlines are wobbly and trailing.

This image perfectly captures Sanic’s existential anxiety, as he stares ahead, lost in thought. What is fastness? Why did Sanic have to go fast? Should his life be anything but fast-paced? Rodin originally created The Thinker as a representation of the Italian poet Dante in a larger work based on Dante’s Inferno, so maybe Sanic is dreaming of some quick poetry.

3 Sanic The Elden Lord

Elden’s Ring has exploded on the internet, not only because of its vast open world and challenging combat, but also because of its detailed character creation. Player creations range from Samuel L. Jackson to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Now Sanic is an addition to that list Elden’s Ring creation. His Brilliant Horned Headband radiated with Divine power, and he was ready to fight with the Iron Balls in his fists. Now Lunar Princess Ranni will usher in a new era of the Dark Moon with the Elden Lord of Speed.

2 Amiibo Amii-Go Hurry!

Sanic is a famous work of art all over the internet, which has inspired many iterations. In this meme, Sanic is immortalized as the greatest form of art: an Amiibo.

Amiibo this is for Super Smash Bros. featuring Sanic’s hand sculptures on a pedestal emblazoned with the words “Step Up.” The Amiibo even comes in its own custom packaging, with Sanic illustrations on potential buyers’ faces. While it’s tempting to send Sanic into the ring, die-hard fans should consider this item NRFB: Never Remove From Box.

1 Pop Art Sanic

Meme Sanic from Reddit user ACivilizedSavage paired Sanic with the caption: “I literally zoomed in on life after drinking enough caffeine to kill an elephant.” Enough caffeine will make a person feel like Sanic.

On its own, this would be a cute MS Paint image, but on closer inspection one will find that this image, along with the windows, is entirely hand painted. The panel on the left side shows that a steady hand pulls out the elements. This masterpiece honoring the fastest “hegehog” deserves to be in the museum among the great works.

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