Sonic the Hedgehog Robot Battle Proves How Important Tails Are

In Imposter Syndrome #4, Tails’ cyborg replacement Kitsunami helps Sonic the Hedgehog’s own robot partner, Surge, defeat Metal Sonic.

Warning! Spoiler ahead for Sonic the Hedgehog: Cheater Syndrome #4!

The shocking conclusion of the epic battle between Sonic the Hedgehogthe replacement for the cyborg Surge the Tenrec and the invention of the robot Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, underscores the important role Tails plays as Blue Blur’s sidekick.

This battle was monumental even before the revelations about Tails came to light based solely on the excuses of a former loyal fan of Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline, created the Surge. In the beginning Fraudster Syndrome series tie-in, Dr. Starline has seen enough of how Eggman’s hatred for Sonic affects the villain genius by causing him to react irrationally. Dr. Starline considers this failure, coupled with Eggman’s refusal to change along with his fascination with grandeur and circumstance, as reasons why Eggman always fails. Starline, therefore, begins to do the exact opposite of what Eggman would in her plan to help her hero. For Metal Sonic, Starline understood the fact that it lacked personality, so when she created Surge, she made sure she had the attitude of Sonic.


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But then Metal Sonic beat Surge soundly Fraudster Syndrome #4 by writer Ian Flynn, artist Thomas Rothlisberger, dental stylist Gigi Dutreix, colorist Valentina Pinto and letter writer Shawn Lee. Metal Sonic would most likely destroy Surge if cyborg replacement Tails and Surge’s sidekick Kitsunami “Kit” the Fennec hadn’t come to his aide. To further drive the points home, IDW had Surge conclude his original speech for Metal Sonic in a surprising way during their fight. He began by saying, “You want to be the ‘real’ Sonic? You have no heart! You don’t go soul!” But then Surge started to lose. However, Kit comes to his rescue, whereupon Surge finishes his speech by saying, “And you have no backup.

Surge tells Metal Sonic that he doesn't have a backup like he did with Kit in Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome #4.

The instrumental role Kit played in cyborg Tails’ replacement in the defeat of Metal Sonic further proves the importance of Tails. Dr. Starline actually started to mention this theory earlier in Fraudster Syndrome tie-in series when he reveals that Kit’s goal is to keep pace with Surge. Since both of his creations are modeled after Sonic and Tails’ relationship, Starline basically insists that Tails is indispensable to Sonic. Therefore, the outcome in Surge’s battle against Metal Sonic serves as physical evidence that validates Starline’s hypothesis even if it’s not a key component in his overall plan. Surge doesn’t just emulate Sonic. Dr. Starline is so convinced that Metal Sonic always loses because he has neither heart nor soul that his entire experiment is based on him using real-life Fennec and Tenrec as the basis for adding robot parts.

This development is very important because of the large number of IDW Sonic – even the discontinued Archie Comics series – constantly shortening Tails. A recent example at IDW occurred when Kit himself made Tails’ biggest moment worthless even after Tails’ discovery helped defeat Zeti’s evil group of demons, the Deadly Six. No matter how many amazing things Tails could make, it would be hard for him to beat Kit’s hydropower. Hopefully, Tails will prove himself in a way he’s never done before during the massive royal battle that will include Fraudster Syndrome series, which takes place in the monumental 50th issue of IDW Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Cheater Syndrome #4 available now from IDW!

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