Sonic’s Biggest Battle Royal Explodes Next Month in Monumental’s 50th Issue

The ending of Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome sees a massive battle between Sonic, Eggman, Starline, and the cyborgs in Sonic #50.

Warning! Spoiler ahead for Sonic the Hedgehog: Cheater Syndrome #4!

The biggest battle royal in IDW’s history Sonic the Hedgehog will finally explode next month in the monumental 50th issue of the series. Sonic, Tails, and Belle the Tinkerer are facing an ongoing feud between Dr. Eggman and his former fanboy Dr. Starline, whose cyborg creation is actually planning to bring Starline to life herself.

The 50th edition of Sonic will be the culmination of issues from the main continuity and Fraudster Syndrome tie-in special series. Starting last November right after Sonic the Hedgehog #46, the two series have alternated every month. It starts with Fraudster Syndrome #1, which was then continued by Sonic the Hedgehog #47 in December and Fraudster Syndrome #2 next month, and so on. That Sonic matter has revolved around Blue Blur and his friends as they move on with their lives completely oblivious to the events in Fraudster Syndrome. In Fraudster SyndromeDr. Starline has prepared its cyborgs Surge the Tenrec and Kitsunami “Kit” the Fennec to temporarily wipe out Dr. Eggman from the picture so Surge and Kit can replace Sonic and Tails, respectively.


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Now Sonic the Hedgehog: Cheater Syndrome #4, written by Ian Flynn with art by Thomas Rothlisberger, has set the stage for Sonic #50 comes next month from Flynn and artist Adam Bryce Thomas. Recently Surge and Kit have helped Dr. Starline takes over the town of Eggman when Starline uses a powerful beacon to summon all of Eggman’s Badnicks to wage war against Sonic and his friends. Unfortunately for Starline, not only was Eggman able to escape and now launch his counterattack against the traitor, but Surge and Starline’s own creation Kit are planning to attack him after they defeat Sonic and his friends. In addition, Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman, Belle the Tinkerer, headed straight for the city without the knowledge of all the parties mentioned above. Starline hasn’t even had a chance to launch her attack on Sonic yet, and Eggman is already preparing to strike back at Starline – possibly with Metal Sonic.

Surge tells Kit to get ready in Imposter Syndrome #4 just before Sonic the Hedgehog #50.

This battle royal will undoubtedly be one of the biggest and most complicated fights in IDW history Sonic series. The last major multi-party event occurred some time ago during the Metal Virus Saga, when Dr. Eggman uses the eponymous plague to turn all life into metal zombies, also referred to as Zombies. Dr. Starline complicates matters a bit when she tries to save Eggman from herself by engaging a group of demons called the Deadly Six, as they have certain bones to pick with Eggman. Starline was oblivious to this complaint, the fact that the Deadly Six were being exploited endlessly.

Interestingly, Metal Virus became the basis for Fraudster Syndrome much like the previous event was when Starline first started to see a lot of faults in the way its hero Dr. Eggman takes care of the business, especially when Sonic is involved. Previously, Starline summoned the Deadly Six to help Eggman control the virus. Now, he took a much more direct route by first removing Eggman from commission. Starline views Eggman as her own worst enemy, so eliminating him will allow Starline to get rid of Sonic once and for all with her cyborg. Of course, Starline begins to have delusions of grandeur as she takes control of the Eggman kingdom, which will only complicate matters further.

This doesn’t even mention the fact that Belle the Tinkerer will also face off against her father Dr. Eggman, who built it when he was his alter ego, Mr. Tinker. Belle’s emotions were burning because she had just read the letter from Mr. Tinker before he returned to Dr. Eggman, which would only exacerbate the intensity of their reunion when it was bound to happen. What’s clear is that Sonic the Hedgehog The #50, which goes on sale June 22, promises to be a blast.

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