Spinning Heel KOs for Levine’s Title in Karate Fight: Season 4 Opener

A shot awaits at the Karate Fighting World Middleweight Championship Ross ‘Turbo’ Levine After he beat the rest of the competition by surprise Igor de Castaneda In the main event of Saturday night’s karate fight event.

Their globally televised encounter made headlines for a card full of explosive finishes and great reel moments.The remaining three events Karate Combat: Season 4 The lineup, which airs every two weeks and culminates in the Season 4 finale on June 25.

Both Levine and de Castaneda have a long run of beef and a string of knockout victories, and combat sports experts predict the fight won’t go very far.

They were proven right in the second round, when Levine managed to cut the silk thread of Castaneda’s massive right hand to end their fight with a spectacular swivel heel kick.

The fight has been officially designated as a middleweight contender knockout, and the winner is guaranteed the title. Karate combat president Adam Kovac has confirmed that Levine will now face defending champion Shaheen Attamov, a mysterious figure with a ferocious completion rate, later this year.

“That’s why they took me to a karate fight and came here to make a statement,” Rhode Island man Levine says after game“He was badly hit by that spinning axe – and my own heel was hurt by it. But he’ll be back, he’s a great fighter.”

“Shahin Atamov presents a new puzzle, a new challenge, but I promise I’ll be ready. I’m going home, celebrating, and then right back to work to bring this middleweight champion to America.”

Chief Support Round Saw Lazar Kukulic and Mitchell Thorpe Meeting in an uphill battle for the lightweight prospect produced incredible moments of highlight in the first round.

A nervous sensory process erupted when Montenegrin Kukulich (a qualified oncology nurse in his hometown) suddenly picked up Thorpe, ran to the top of The Pit wall, and jumped off the water. Crowd sucks.

The move knocked Thorpe’s air down, giving Kukulic the edge for the rest of the round and most of the second. The gritty Thorpe was finally able to turn things around in the third and final round, but it wasn’t enough to affect the outcome – when the final bell struck, Kukulic was the clear winner.

“It was a battle of the Titans, real fireworks. I knew it would be,” Kukulich says“I want the next title, but maybe I need to win another first. It doesn’t matter who’s next, I’ll fight anyone. I’m the Lion King, and the lions eat when they’re hungry.”

newcomer Stephanie Oliveira Her karate three-fight veteran’s second-round suspension shocks fighting fans around the world Fabiola Esquivel.

Training at the Pitbull Brothers gym of MMA champs Patricky and​​​Patricio Fereire, Oliveira put relentless pressure on Esquivel, punching and kicking nonstop.

Esquivel weathered the storm until the end of the second round, when suddenly she started to fold. When the ruthless Oliveira stepped in to finish her wounded and unarmed opponent, the referee jumped between them and waved to interrupt, giving Oliveira an impressive victory in her karate combat debut .

Impressive karate combat debut also in the opening round of the event, when newcomers Artur Gasanov take out the return Tommy Azuz In their lightweight bout, the result was just one of two spin-heel-kick stoppages on the card tonight.

Azouz dodged a punch, his head sunk into a powerful spinning kick. For some reason, he remained upright, but was clearly on his feet. The following punch from Gasanov was unnecessary: ​​The fight is over.

The next event of the karate fight airs Saturday, May 28Fighting world lightweight champion in karate Edgars ‘The Bearslayer’ Skrivers Defend your title in a brutal rematch against arch-rivals Luis Rocha in the main event.

Karate Fight: Season 4 is televised worldwide – visit Karate.com for regional how-to information.


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