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Now on VOD, Good morning is a Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox/Pete Davidson/Tom Arnold/Whitney Cummings/Dennis Rodman/Avril Lavigne/Danny Trejo movie that you probably shouldn’t watch. (What, they couldn’t put Crispin Glover somewhere?) Kelly, here credited with his birth certificate name Colson Baker, co-wrote, directed, and co-starred in this stoner comedy with longtime friend and collaborator Mod Sun, and the result was a hangout film. which is probably best watched while you’re in the mirror and baked like Grandma’s Easter ham.

The main thing is: We hear London’s (Baker) inner voice as he wakes to the sound of texts ringing on his phone. Why do people wake up early, I’m the star of a famous TV show called good people bad which had its last series last night, I stayed in this luxurious multi-level Hollywood pad with my friends/roommates/group, etc. The texts are from his actor girlfriend Apple (Becky G), one of which reads “good mourning.” What does it mean? London couldn’t decode or decipher or interpret it or anything, and when he called Apple he didn’t answer. And so begins London’s WORST DAY, but not so bad that he doesn’t smoke weeeeeeeeeeed, bro.

But that didn’t happen until later. While she’s morose around the house hoping that doesn’t mean she’s breaking up with him, we run into a gallery of ruffians: Leo (Gata) is space turned crystal and other pseudo-mystical bullshit. Dylan (Mod Sun) is a spiky-haired punk/delinquent type. Angel (Zach Villa) is a whimsical fashion designer. Fat Joe (Boo Johnson) is an uberstoner who is not too fat. Kennedy (Fox, Baker’s fiancé in real life) is the only one in her right mind and therefore makes sure the bills are paid and everyone out of trouble, even though she walks around the house in her tightest human attire and bows in front of people and wags. his ass and reminding them that he only likes girls, so obviously, relative sanity around this part. The doorbell rings and it’s Olive (Dove Cameron), London’s new personal assistant, who hitherto would appear on the scene with the very perfect thing she needs right now. Outside is Sabrina the Stalker (Jenna Boyd), who is parked outside the limits of her restraining order; everyone waved cheerfully as they passed him.

Today’s London agenda is twofold: Find out what’s going on with Apple, and meet his agent Maxine (Whitney Cummings), who aggressively rants about how much sexual favors he had to do to become one of Hollywood’s major power brokers. How big? He landed in London the chance to star in the next Batman film, that is. London is torn. He believes Apple dumped him and feels he should go after him, but that might mean missing out on the biggest career opportunity of his life. Of course, random nonsense and related debauchery repeatedly thwart his attempts to do both things competently, including but not limited to: An encounter with Berry (Davidson), a parking attendant, and a desperate candidate. A flashback in which Danny Trejo dresses up as Barney Rubble. Feud with Dennis Rodman (playing alone). A disastrous encounter with director Batman (Arnold). And also, the massive dope smoking sequence, where Megan Fox shoots a blunt so big it makes the leg-long cold cut combo look like a mosquito’s trunk. Maybe someone out there will find such a scene funny, and laugh at it!

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What Movies Will Remind You?: Pantheon goes something like this: Smoky Cheech and Chong to Bill and Ted’s Amazing Adventure to Confused and Confused to Friday to Big Lebowski to Pineapple Express for whatever the next great stoner comedy is, because Good morning not that.

Worth Watching Performance: There’s usually a scene stealer in ensembles like this, and Fox is the closest to him, in the sense that he’s the one who comes closest to being downright funny, though the argument could be made that there’s nothing funny here.

Impressive Dialogue: Example of a “comedy” exchange:

Leo: See this crystal here? Activate your sacred chakra. It costs like $5,000.”

London: I have no problem with my penis.

Sex and Skin: Only Fox’s skimpy wardrobe mentioned above.

We take: Good morning It’s a classic case of players and filmmakers having fun with their friends, making movies, queuing for residual checks from streaming revenue, hitting bongs and not really remembering that such an endeavor is hardly fun. for those of us who watched it. Of course, this isn’t a Coen Bros. scenario, and it serves no purpose other than making some yuks, but it’s uninspired and amateurish, a lot of lazy food crammed into the editing room.

The problem with the film is a lot: A bit of comedy cream is stolen in part from Above the smokehalf of Big Lebowski. Powerful agent Cummings never goes above and beyond (and his improv spiel is included in the inevitable end-credits take). Celebrity cameos are DOA or inside jokes. And Colson becomes the flat protagonist who can barely be bothered to get the slightest emotional investment in his predicament. It’s basically a story about a guy who just needs to chill out a bit, man, you know, get out of your own mind, stop taking things too seriously, a sentiment that might find appeal in a film that’s less lethargic and doesn’t feel like 90’s. tiring wandering minutes. It seems destined to be watched by people too tall to know any better.

Our call: Dude, this bag is mostly stems and seeds. SKIP.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read more of his work at

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