Taekwondo fighter Jack Pashansky hopes to follow in Olympic champion Jed Jones’ footsteps

After making a splash on the international stage, teenage taekwondo prodigy Jack Pakansky hopes to follow in the footsteps of Olympic champion Jed Jones.

The 14-year-old from Bromley may be one of the youngest sporting talents in British kickboxing, but he’s still full of energy after earning a place on the GB kickboxing development squad last year.

Pashansky, who competes for the Aquila Taekwondo Club in southeast London, has already won international titles including the 2021 French Open and the Cadets -49kg British title, keeping him unbeaten all season.

Pachansky was able to maintain his athleticism during the lockdown by kicking his garden shed, which has been turned into a training space for him and his taekwondo avid family.

Pachansky, one of more than 50 of the most talented young British athletes to be supported by RBC and SportsAid, said: “My sporting hero is Jed Jones and she really inspires me.

“My goal this year is mainly to qualify for the World Junior Championships this summer, but my ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics at the peak of taekwondo.”

RBC, one of the world’s largest banks, has been a SportsAid partner since 2014, providing the next generation of sports stars with financial assistance, recognition and personal development opportunities to help them reach their potential.

RBC has distributed more than 420 athlete awards through SportsAid since the partnership began.

Taekwondo is in Pachansky’s blood, as his sister Mia is part of GB Taekwondo’s full-time world-class performance program, also supported by SportsAid and RBC, while his brother Oliver and parents also compete and train in the sport .

Pachansky, whose sport represents one of the 30 sports disciplines covered by the RBC and SportsAid partnership and was nominated to join SportsAid by his sport’s national governing body, added: “Being included in the SportsAid program means a lot to me, Because that’s everything I’ve been working on since I started kickboxing at the age of seven. This opportunity was really great for me.

“It’s so exciting to be a part of the RBC SportsAid group because my sister has done it before and I respect it. I’m really excited to do it for myself.

“I plan to use SportsAid’s financial support mainly for races and travel as it is very expensive, but I also buy new training gear so I can train well and also buy food.

“It’s very exciting to be with very similar athletes on SportsAid because we all have the same goals and it will be a great opportunity to learn from others and gain a lot of knowledge to make me a great athlete .

“It’s great to be recognized as a gifted athlete – I’ve been working on it for years. It’s part of the process and it’s good to be at this level.”

RBC is proud to support a wide range of community initiatives through donations, community investments and employee volunteering. You can visit https://www.rbccm.com/europe/ for more information.

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