Master James: Teacher of Life | Local Sports

James Babincsak, 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo, lives and teaches in Crossville. Who is this teacher, affectionately called “Master James” by the students? Babincsak is from Chicago, Illinois, where he was the youngest of 11 children. He grew up in a rugged part of the city, where he had to constantly fend for himself. … Read more

Teams share martial arts combination, gospel | Lifestyle

TonHis combat team will begin a series of performances in the area over the next week, including punching, kicking, interrupting and crushing. The martial arts group presents a mix of karate and gospel for audiences of all ages. “With karate, if you can break a few boards, you can quickly attract a large crowd,” said … Read more

Two District Karate Students Earn Black Belts | News

Recently, two regional karate students reached an important milestone. After years of dedication to karate, Ashton Creager and Ashton Snyder earned black belts in a ceremony held at Napoleon Elementary School. Creager started karate at age 7 and is currently a 17-year-old junior at Napoleon and Four Counties Career Center, studying software design and video … Read more