Japan’s judo in crisis

Tokyo: Japan is the home of judo, but a brutal win-at-all mentality, corporal punishment and pressure to lose weight are driving large numbers of children away from it, raising concerns about the future of the sport in its traditional powerhouse. Underscoring the gravity of the problem, the All Japan Judo Federation cancelled a prestigious national … Read more

Japan: What are the reasons for the decline in life expectancy of Okinawans? | Asia | In-depth news from across the continent | DW

For generations, the people of Okinawa, Japan, have enjoyed a reputation as one of the longest-lived humans on Earth. Medical experts and geriatricians have flocked to these subtropical islands in southern Japan to find the secrets to the longevity of their inhabitants, and most concluded that it was a combination of nutritious diet, regular exercise, … Read more

Judo training is Alex’s young hope

Norio Maruyama, Ambassador of the Japanese Embassy in South Africa, hopes that the arrival of Judo in Alexandra will have a positive impact on the town’s children and youth. Maruyama speaks at the official opening of the Judo Hope Center, a grassroots sports facility next to the East Bank Altrek Stadium. Participants at the official … Read more

Ukrainians sell Olympic medals to fight Russia, may get them back

LVIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian Stanislav Horuna says Japan’s “incredible” development could help him regain his Tokyo Olympic medal, which he sells to raise money for his home country Defense against Russian invaders. Horuna, 33, is one of several Ukrainian sports stars who have auctioned off their medals and trophies and joined the Ukrainian army to … Read more