Somerville Regional Library offers fishing rods, yoga, and of course books | News

SOMERVILLE — Anyone who thinks no one goes to the library should visit the Dorchester County Public Library on the Old Tramway during back-to-back story time Wednesday morning. Back then, parents would bring their writhing babies and toddlers to a cubby hidden in the corner of the children’s area so teen services librarian Katlyn Lee … Read more

God’s Storehouse Creates Yoga Series for the Benefit of Danville Urban Farm | DayDayNews Lifestyle

Sign up and bee special The Farm Yoga Series Summer Series takes place on the second Wednesday of every month. All proceeds go to God’s Storehouse Urban Farm, a community gardening space where volunteers co-grow fresh produce for distribution to those in need. God’s Warehouse, Contribute God’s Storehouse is raising funds for its urban farm … Read more