Christian Writer Warns Against New Yoga Barbie

“Breathe With Me” Meditation Barbie, 2022 | Screenshot: Facebook/Yasmeen Suri The new “Breathe with Me” meditation Barbie has been criticized by a Christian influencer who says the toy is forcing children into yoga-related satanic practices. Made by Mattel and retailing for $24.99, the package shows Barbie in a seated yoga pose with legs crossed and … Read more

God’s Storehouse Creates Yoga Series for the Benefit of Danville Urban Farm | DayDayNews Lifestyle

Sign up and bee special The Farm Yoga Series Summer Series takes place on the second Wednesday of every month. All proceeds go to God’s Storehouse Urban Farm, a community gardening space where volunteers co-grow fresh produce for distribution to those in need. God’s Warehouse, Contribute God’s Storehouse is raising funds for its urban farm … Read more

6 yoga breaks to help the mind and body rest

Yoga retreats are a popular option for short breaks at a time when everyone can rest and relax. There is something for everyone, from very high-end to one-day workshops that reset the mind and body. Some have amazing locations, some are known for their cuisine, and all center on your well-being. Nestled in the heart … Read more

India: Where to go for adventure, wildlife and yoga in the world’s most colorful country

Ready to spice up your life with all the sights, sounds and sensations India has to offer? International travel to popular tourist destinations has been back to the card Since flights resumed at the end of March. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your Asian adventure without violating current … Read more

NMC Publishes Common Protocol for MBBS Yoga Training Programs to All Medical Schools

In order to maintain symmetry in yoga training programs, the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga has developed common protocols that apply to all medical schools. MBBS students are required to undergo yoga training. (representative image) New Delhi: The National Medical Council (NMC) has introduced yoga training in the foundation course, starting June 12, for … Read more

8 benefits of morning meditation by yoga experts | DayDayNews

The morning is considered the most productive, energetic and positive time of the day, as it is usually refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Setting a morning routine will not only help you organize your day better, but it will also help your overall health. Indeed, the first thing you do when you wake up … Read more

Decolonizing Yoga in the West – Annenberg Media

“Yoga is a discipline that opens the door to inner freedom.” -Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Growing up in California, I was often restless in yoga studios where white, fit instructors guided us through elaborate poses while twisting the word “Ohm.” It was as if this opportunity to align my body and spirit required an … Read more

Kids Enjoy Outdoors & Yoga at Tree Pose Event | Local & State

On Saturday morning, kids and their parents can be seen posing in their best downward dog and cobra poses at the Texas Forestry Museum. Education coordinator Caitlin Weisman said the museum has launched Tree Pose: Yoga for Toddlers as a way to provide more activities for younger children. × This page requires Javascript. You need … Read more

Ananya Panday Handstands, Benefits of Yoga Pose Explained in New Instagram Post

In a recent Instagram post shared by her trainer Anshuka Parwani, famous yoga enthusiast Ananya Panday was seen doing a handstand. (Image credit: Ananya Panday/Instagram) New Delhi: We live in a fitness-centric world where everyone of all ages strives to achieve and maintain a perfect physique. From Bollywood to Hollywood, celebrities are sweating profusely at … Read more