Tanzania should invest more in judo

Two of the aforementioned four athletes are judokas, Thomas Mwenda and Abdulrabi Abdullah, who both won gold medals at the recently concluded East African Judo Championships.

Interestingly, this is not the first time some of our judokas have excelled at the East African Judo Championships.

Frustratingly, however, there has been insufficient investment in the domestic judo sector after past successes in regional judo competitions.

So hopefully this moment will mark a huge departure from the past, as local judokas are thought to be very capable of forging brilliant paths in future competitions, that is, if they get enough support.

Also great to know that Mwenda, Abdul Rabi and a talented pair of swimmers Kayla Temba and Collins Saliboko have all been awarded Commonwealth by their glorious performances in recent regional competitions. Qualification for the Games.

In fact, Temba and Saliboko met the criteria set by the Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) after appearing in the CANA Zone 3 Swimming Championships.

According to media reports that surfaced last week, once our full range of athletes have been selected by the TOC, all athletes who will be selected as flag bearers for the Commonwealth Games will go to residential training camps.

The fact that this camp will reportedly be funded by the authorities is a very important fact, especially when one considers that previous camps were sadly a last-minute affair due to a lack of funding.

Now let’s turn to the mainland Premier League, which has been dominated by old rivals Simba and Yanga this season.

Right out of the gate, Younga was the pacesetter in the coveted league title race, building a huge lead over their longtime city rivals.

Still, second-placed Simba has seized momentum in recent weeks after cutting Yanga’s 15-point lead to eight.

In fact, Yanga and their legion of supporters must be kicking themselves after giving Simba a viable but difficult chance to retain the league title.

As the season enters its final stretch, it is unclear whether Yanga or Simba will blink first in this gripping, exciting top-flight title race.

It’s been a fascinating and entertaining season so far, and we can only hope that Yanga and Simba deliver a veritable finale to our passionate football fans.

And for us fans, we will bite the bullet and wait until the end of the season and the league title.


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