Tara Strong Talks Chaos in Multiverse & Teen Titans Go!

ComingSoon talk to Teen Titans Go! Tara Strong stars about the newly released crossover film Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Chaos in the Multiversewhere he voiced the three main characters, plus his role in Solid iron gear and much more.

In Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Chaos in the MultiverseThe Teen Titans and DC Super Hero Girls must team up to take on Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom as they come up with a plan that could even defeat the Justice League.

Tyler Treese: Several actors have worked on both shows, but this film has to be very special because you have a leading role in both. How special was it to see these two worlds collide?

Strong Tara: That’s very special. Don’t you think it’s a special movie? That is very fun. That’s really funny. It has a lot of heart, a lot of magic, a lot of fun. I mean, I laughed a lot watching this movie and you’re right. To be able to play Raven in such an important role in the world Teen Titan and Teen Titans Go! playing it is fun. And of course, playing Batgirl is like the greatest honor. Oh, and then you get to play Harley Quinn too, which is another big honor. All these super complicated characters, you can play them at the funny stage in their life now, and at the teenage stage in their life, and these funny stages and teenage stages go together in this film to create quite an entertaining adventure. It’s great to see them together.

Speaking of emotional moments, Raven has a great scene with Zatanna which I think is a real highlight of the film. What was it like to share moments there?

What I like about that moment. I love, love in this movie, the elements when they are together Teen Titans Go!or those times Teen Titans Go! displayed. I laugh every time. I think it’s almost like every movie now needs to be interspersed Teen Titans Go! so people laugh, that’s really good. At a time when Zatanna was feeling very insecure, because she wasn’t taking them where she was supposed to be. Raven is there to make her understand that she is not alone, and that is everything about Raven. Raven as a character has saved lives all over the world with people feeling alone. Like no one is like me or no one wants to meditate or no one wants to read or whatever.

I have had so many people say, “I love Raven. I really relate to her,” so to play Raven Go!, which is like a very fun and silly world, and getting people to like that version is also really fun. Then for him to need it in his intelligence from another realm, right, where he said, “Hey, I understand what it’s like to be tortured by a demon and want to be a good person.” It’s like real moments of people still crying for season six, and I’m with you, and Go! sort of came together because he had a very surreal moment where he said, “Do you think you came here by accident? Or is it that I am here to teach you the lesson that will save the day? So it’s kind of fun. That’s why the multiverse is so much fun when they’re really smart. It’s a smart little moment.

Batgirl is a great lead for DC Super Hero Girls. What is Barbara’s favorite aspect to explore in the series?

Well, he’s way more goofy than the other versions and Lauren Faust really had that vision for him, which surprised me at first. But it’s nice to embrace the lighter side of him. I definitely played it in a more real world in the original Batman series. So it’s been fun. It was fun exploring him as a quirky teenager.

With that said, the show is also really fun because we explore the relationship with him and Harley, which is very contradictory and challenging because really, one works for the good guys and one works for the bad guys, and to see how they interact. each other while navigating high school and very real emotions along with real-world consequences that could end the planet. This is a very, very special time to play together exploring this part of their friendship and seeing how much they love each other. And they have to navigate what really separates them.

We see a lot of plot development with Harley Quinn in this film. Can you talk about the arc and its growth over the course of the series?

Healthy. It’s really cool because at first, you think he’s done with it, and to have that empathy still in him and to remember what this person means to him and what that person’s world means to him and not want to hurt him and have it. second thoughts about the people he now devotes his life to, it’s really interesting for him to just pop up and you think, “Oh, oh, there’s still good people out there,” which is probably true of all bad people. Somewhere there is a good person. It’s great to see Harley show up for Batgirl that way.

You also voice Harley Quinn in MultiVersus, which is a fun idea with all the wild crossovers. I imagine that the recording session for it was a blast?

Very pleasant. I’m just having fun. I have to tell you yesterday, I had a game with him and it was four hours in a row. Sometimes with other games you can get cranky, because it’s like, even if you don’t do a hundred death voices, talking for four hours straight, it wears you out. But I’ve never been fussy with Harleys. I was like, “What’s he going to do next?” He’s like therapy to me. We can scream. We can go crazy. We become vulnerable. Whenever I play with him, no matter what world he is in, it’s just fun.

My favorite video game series is Metal Gear, and you voiced Paz amazingly. So what’s your reaction when you find out about the whole scene with the bomb pinned to it?

A lot of times at Comic-Cons people would bring me Paz’s stuff to sign and they’d say, “It’s so sad how he died.” I don’t know if this is a PG interview or not but I have to explain to my handler how he died. It’s kind of, really sad and weird, tragic, after all, but he’s a great character to play. He is a great character to dive into when it comes to his life story. I had a really good time voicing it.

I’m sure you did a face shot for that too. Is that something you do often? How was the experience?

I would often say, yes, not all the time, but technology is moving very fast. Like, you could do it six months ago and now, the way they do it is very different. A lot of it is based on like, painting little silver dots on your face, and then there’s the camera and there’s the light. I think the most challenging thing is having the light right in your face when you see the script and then trying to be in those moments. That’s the only real challenge, not discomfort. It’s great to be able to give that many animators to play with.

You already have a huge fan base and you’ve just joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the voice of Miss Minutes. The character has truly grown into a life of its own. How wild was the reaction because as far as fandom goes, there’s nothing quite like the MCU?

I know. I was very surprised. First of all, when I ordered it, I didn’t even know what it was. That’s top secret. And I’m actually shooting a series on camera in Toronto, and I’m voicing it from my makeshift closet in Toronto, and I’m on Zoom and it’s like all these Marvel people. I was like, “Wow.,” and I knew exactly what it was and they recorded it before. So I had to act off-scene on Zoom. So I with [Tom] Hiddleston but not quite. It was shot so beautifully that I thought I knew it would be special, but I still don’t know how people will react to this much-loved franchise suddenly having animated characters. Before they even came out, they said, “Don’t comment on it.” And of course, the internet saw the ads and was like, “This is Tara Strong!” and I’m like, “I’m not allowed to respond yet.” Luckily, once I was allowed to respond, it was pleasant enough. The love for the characters is so funny and rewarding and so much fun being a part of the MCU. I was invited to another premiere. That is fun.

So cool watching Teen Titans Go! was really embraced by fans after the initial reaction which wasn’t exactly like the old series. How does that growth look? Now you have a lot of old fans enjoying it and then a new generation too.

It’s really fun, and I meet fans at Comic-Cons all the time, where the family cosplays the entire Teen Titans and they all love it. Go! And you know, you were right, initially, there was this backlash, and that’s because the show was left to a really important storyline. I understand that everyone wants Season 6, and so do all the actors. I thought it would be genius to do both at the same time. They are two different shows, they are completely different shows. So I think people were just more disappointed at first because it wasn’t a continuation of what they were hoping for, but not a real hatred for the show because it’s always been so good. It’s pretty funny. So seeing the fans hugging him now is really fun because we’re all the same person and we all still radiate all the same love in the room, except that we laugh a lot. So we’re pretty happy that people are laughing with us now too.

You also voice Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, where you become more violent and mature. How can play all the different sides of him?

I’m just the luckiest girl. This is very fun. It was really, really fun. Every time I open a script and have Harley on it or Batgirl, or Raven, it’s just fun, you know? And to explore it in a different universe. We’ve multiverseed with these characters before they made a movie that’s really fun to watch, and this one’s also really fun.

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