The 10 Best Classic Sega Games Not Sonic

Legendary Sega Sonic the Hedgehog franchises are the cornerstone of the company’s video game and media businesses. Introduced in 1991 as the company’s “Mario Killer”, Sonic defeat Ristar to become the company’s new mascot Ristar later released and provides an interesting what-if alternative.

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From the first arcade game developed internally, the light-based submarine shooter of 1966 Periscopeto mankind 4X franchise, Sega has developed thousands of games both before and after Sonic. Though Sonic the Hedgehog the series is the cornerstone of the company’s business, their storied history as game producers is much more than just a major mascot.

10 Sega’s Dual Dragons Do What Nintendoes Do Better

The famous Technos arcade game Double Dragon was a smash hit when it hit arcades in 1987. Coming just months before Sega itself golden ax puts a fantasy spin on the side-scrolling beat-em-up genre, Double Dragon take it to the streets and then inspire fighting games like Last fight and Sega Road of Anger. It even gave birth to a film adaptation starring the future Iron Chef Chief Mark Dacascos.

Unlike the Taito/Tradewest adaptation for the NES, the Sega Master System version of Double Dragon is a direct port of the original arcade, with added support for the dedicated Japanese FM Sound unit, a Yamaha 16-channel synthesizer that massively enhances SMS sound capabilities. Polishing the gameplay of its predecessor, rebel, with smoother animations, more powerful enemy AI, and Billy and Jimmy Lee’s iconic duo, Sega’s Double Dragon very loyal to the arcade.

9 Herzog Zwei Puts Real-Time Strategy in Your Top-Down Shooter

One of the earliest attempts to shift perceptions of the Sega Genesis was Herzog Zweithe sequel to the strategy game Herzog on the Japanese MSX and PC-8801 personal computers. Herzog Zwei is a combination of mech shooter and real time strategy.

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Success in Herzog Zwei depending on the individual firepower of the player’s hero unit and the capabilities of the units deployed for patrol and assault. Sales at the time were mediocre, due to Genesis’ reputation as a system for arcade-only ports. But come to think of it, it became an influential classic, inspiring Blizzard’s warship and spacecraft.

8 Gunstar Heroes Define Sega’s Second Party Treasure Style

Published by Sega, Gunstar Hero not developed internally. Instead, Sega teamed up with a group of former Konami developers under the name Treasure. The run-and-gun platforming playstyle of Gunstar Hero brought fame and popularity to ardent Genesis platform developers and fans.

The game is renowned as one of the best two-player platformers ever developed for any console, competing with titles like Counter. Gunstar Hero The multi-directional blasting play style was later developed further in other Treasure games including Bangai-Oearly game for the Dreamcast.

7 Virtual On Is An Arcade Mecha Game With An Amazing Premise

Utilizing two stick tank controls, innovative mecha fighting game Cyber ​​Troops: Virtual On very unique at the time. It had a very technically similar fighting style in some ways to Virtual Warrior fighting game series. Partly due to its rarity in arcades, it became a legend among fans.

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first two Virtual Active the game received a home console release on the Saturn and Dreamcast, and a sequel Virtual Active: Oratorio Tangramsaw a re-release on the Xbox 360. The third and fourth iterations are home console exclusives: Virtual On 4Force and Virtual Active: Operation MARZ. fifth game, Certain Magical Virtual-Onembraced the isekai arrangement and was warmly received by fans.

6 Space Harrier Sets New Standard For Speed ​​And Responsiveness For Arcade Games


One of Sega’s legendary SuperScaler arcade games, Space Harrier is fun. Starting from an airplane-based game, but because the technology was not advanced enough in 1985, Sega revised the main character into a human and the setting from the real world to a fantasy-based Dragon World.

Harrier, the main character, is highly responsive to player input as the player pilots it through eighteen levels of intense laser blasts and a mix of fantasy and sci-fi enemies. Space usurper proved spectacular, even downsized to the 256K size of early Master System games. Its best standalone home adaptation, however, is a near-perfect port to the Sega Saturn.

5 Arcadia Sky Is A Beautiful But Flawless Ode For Exploration

Arcadia skyThe expansive RPG campaign takes players through six lush biomes, telling the story of the glorious pirate “Blue Rogue” and his war with Valuan Armada. Consistently ranked as one of the best Dreamcast games of all time, Arcadia sky is a must-play classic game for fans of Japanese RPGs.

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While the level of encounters can feel punishing, Arcadia skyIt’s a strong story that buoys it through the entire storyline. Taking protagonists Vyse, Aika, and Fina from their origins as junior officers on Vyse’s father’s pirate ship, Dyne, to their climactic struggle with Admiral Galcian is no mean feat. The game finishes it with passion and grace.

4 Jet Set Radio Turns Graffiti Into A J-Dance Beat

With its last console, the Dreamcast, Sega showed that it wouldn’t go down without a fight. One of the greatest products of his legendary short and bright run is Jetset radioAn exciting parkour skating game with the goal of marking sixteen levels in five different large areas with brightly colored graffiti.

Using a completely new cel-shading technique, SmileBit created a unique and rugged design language that makes the game instantly engaging. The characters take advantage of Dreamcast’s expansive 3 million triangle graphics capabilities, and Jetset radio remains a cult classic today.

Two years before John Madden Football made EA a household name in video game sports, the name Joe Cool graced the most faithful pigskin adaptation for video games of that time. Bringing the name and blessings of Montana, Joe Montana Football had the thinner reskins of any NFL team at the time.

Joe Montana Football Made for players who like the gunsling quarterback who throws a lot of deep throws. The game features moderate running play and devastating line-centric defense. Joe Montana Football making the Sega Genesis the best console for sports gaming.

2 Streets Of Rage Lifts Beat-Em-Up

Among Sega’s entries into the beat-em-up genre, few have a more storied history than Road of Anger franchise. Capcom’s direct competitor Last fight trilogy, that Road of Anger The series takes beat-em-up to a new level with more character variations, powerful mechanics, and interesting weapons.

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Road of Rage 2 takes the series to the top with one of the best 16-bit soundtracks ever recorded. While the third game in the series wasn’t very well received, it did have a plus side. The series resurrected with Path of Rage 4 by Lizardcrush and DotEMU in 2021.

1 Phantasy Star Is A Bright Star In RPG

In addition to the Sonic franchise, Fantasy Star represents the pinnacle of Sega’s game. From the first installment in 1988 to its climax in 1993, four parts Fantasy Star the series represents one of the true triumphs of Sega’s RPG design. Inspire Fantasy Stars Online MMORPG series, Fantasy Star remains one of Sega’s hits today.

The first installment maximizes the Master System’s storage capacity at a great 512 kilobytes, with the final pushing the Genesis limit to three megabytes. A technical marvel matched by designer Rieko Kodama’s sci-fi tale of love, loss, and betrayal, Fantasy Star is the epitome of all that Sega could have done in its heyday.

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