The 15 Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats for 2022, According to Instructors

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A good yoga session can do wonders for your mind and body, and having the right gear—from a great pair of leggings to the right mat—can set the right tone for your entire session. We’re not just talking about any type of pad, though. Non-slip yoga mats are especially important for providing secure support, whether you’re doing hot yoga, using the mat for cardio, or having sweaty hands. After all, you’ve focused enough on balancing some (or all) of your weight on your hands and feet, and the last thing you need to worry about is one of them slipping from under you.

Read ahead to learn what to look for when shopping for a non-slip yoga mat, plus some yoga instructor-approved advice that will help you stay grounded for your next class.

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The Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats at a Glance

What are the benefits of a non-slip yoga mat?

Non-slip yoga mats have many advantages, the most important being safety. “Slip mats tend to be more durable and more supportive of joints and grounding when our bodies sweat throughout a yoga or exercise session,” says Kimberly Ecker, Yoga Flow Instructor at Studio 3. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga expert, having a non-slip mat can help you become more coordinated and confident in your mental and physical practice as you focus on your posture and not worry about slipping. This extra support is also helpful, especially for more challenging or longer-lasting poses.

Whether your practice is heated or not, having a grippy surface is important. “Hand slips in Downward Dog or foot slips in Warrior II can lead to injuries, so it’s important to keep that foundation safe,” says Kimberlee Morrison, yoga teacher, self-love advocate, and founder of Love Revolution Yoga, Including Your Mat. “You want to be confident that your foundation can support your practice and that your hands and feet stay where they should be until you move them on purpose.”

What to look for in a non-slip yoga mat

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a non-slip yoga mat:

  • Material: Non-slip yoga mats can be made from a variety of materials, such as PVC, natural rubber (this may not be suitable for people allergic to latex), TPE (rubber-like material), cork, and more. Rubber mats also tend to be heavier, because rubber is denser than some plastic or fabric mats, says registered yoga instructor Brie Hamlet.
  • texture: Check the product description to make sure it’s “non-slip”. Hamlet recommends looking for mats made of textured rubber, as very smooth mats won’t provide the same slip resistance. Morrison also said she looked for pads with textured, tacky or rubberized surfaces. “If possible, you also want to feel the surface with your hands so you can at least rub it and test its grip before buying.”
  • thickness: The thickness of the cushion is a matter of personal preference. Thicker mats provide more cushioning, while thinner mats provide more stability (as you get closer to the ground), says certified yoga instructor and mindfulness instructor Michelle Smith.
  • style: Ecker recommends treating your mat as some kind of “home” and choosing a color/pattern that you think will promote personal and physical growth, not just a “sweat-wicking sponge.”

Also, like any new gym gear or shoe, Eck says you’ll need to rest on the mat a few times before your body adjusts, which is also affected by different body types. No matter what mat you choose, be sure to clean it regularly to prevent the bacterial layer from building up, which can lead to a slippery (and a bit gross) surface. Taking all of the above into consideration, here are the best non-slip yoga mats recommended by yoga instructors.

The best non-slip yoga mats

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Best Lightweight: Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat – $85.00

Lightweight at just 4 pounds, this Manduka pad is perfect for anything you want to travel light but still need support. It’s densely cushioned at 4.7mm thick with closed-cell technology material that wicks sweat and moisture, making it easy to wipe and clean. Kelly Clifton Turner, Director of ERYT-500 and Education Yoga Six With this pad, she says it’s a worthwhile investment. “I’ve had it for over 10 years and it’s still in perfect condition. If I practice on a hardwood or tile floor, it’s non-slip and more supportive to my joints,” she says.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Best Cushion: Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – $112.00

Similar to the PROLite, the Manduka PRO mat is made of durable PVC to keep out moisture and bacteria. It has 6mm cushioning for extra comfort. Plus, the dotted pattern holds the mat in place, and the textured top layer lets you grip (but not stick) between poses. Ecker adds that the pad is OEKO-TEX certified to prevent chemical absorption and is the perfect balance of comfort and support.Ek said you could try it too manduka yoga toweldesigned for wet grips.

Gaiam's Premium Insta-grip Pad

Best Latex-Free: Gaiam Insta-Grip Yoga Mat — $40.00

Another Ecker favorite is Gaiam’s Premium Insta-Grip Mat, which is also latex-free (a great option for anyone with allergies). It’s cushioned, 6mm thick, and has a sticky, non-slip surface to help you hold any more challenging positions with more confidence.

alo air yoga mat

Best Travel-Friendly: Alo Air Mat – $80.00

At just 3.5 pounds, this Alo’s skid pad is perfect for on-the-go or travel, Ecker says. It’s made of natural rubber, is odor-resistant, and has a dry, moisture-wicking surface. It is a stylish black matte that will go with any outfit.

lululemon mat yoga

Best Reversible: Lululemon The Mat — $98.00

It’s easy to see why Lululemon’s mat is a favorite of many yoga instructors — it’s sustainably sourced, reversible, and antibacterial. Michelle SmithA certified yoga instructor and mindfulness instructor, he says the mat looks and feels smooth, “with a smooth top that’s amazingly supportive.”

Kimberlee Morrison, a yoga teacher, self-love advocate, and founder of Love Revolution Yoga, says the Lululemon mat is her favorite after more than a decade of teaching and practicing in a hot yoga studio. “It’s designed to absorb sweat and is more ‘sticky’. I have sweat puddles on my pads, but my down dog still doesn’t slip. Sometimes I even wipe my sweat off with my hands and put it back on , I would feel safer in this position,” she said.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Best for Alignment: Liforme Yoga Mat – $112.00

Liforme’s yoga mats are made with a three-layer construction that provides grip, moisture wicking and cushioning. To help you perfect your posture, the top of the mat has markings to keep your hands and feet evenly aligned in each pose. The cushion is also made from eco-friendly materials, is biodegradable and non-toxic, and includes a cushion bag.

prAna Verde Large Yoga Mat

Best Sustainable: prAna Verde Large Yoga Mat — $110.00

This sustainable, oversized prAna cushion is made from recycled rubber and has an organic cotton scrim to help hold its shape. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Ecker says the mat has more elasticity and grip, so you don’t have to worry about slipping during your next class.

Gaiam Dry Grip Yoga Mat

Best Small Mat: Gaiam Dry-Grip Yoga Mat – $70.00

This PVC mat is not only non-slip, but also keeps out germs, odors and germs. The pads have a moisture-wicking finish, which Morrison says: “It’s almost like the surface of the pads is sticky, ‘sticking’ to your hands and feet (not actually sticking) so you don’t slip Pour.” No matter how much you sweat, you can feel safe in Downward Dog, but note that the pad is on the smaller side (68″ x 24″).

Healthyoga's Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Best Eco-Friendly: Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat from Healthyoga — $40.00

Julien Raby, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Expert, Founder Yoga Nomads Recommend the Healthyoga Cushion, which is made of TPE material and contains no latex, PVC or heavy metals. It’s durable, odor-free, and has a 6mm cushion. It has tire tread on the bottom so it can be attached to any floor, and alignment lines on the top to help you stay centered.

B mat yoga mat

Best Antimicrobial: B Mat Yoga Mat — $88.00

Made of real rubber, the B mat is available in several gorgeous colors for you to see in your next yoga class. Smith says the mat is soft, feels great in the hand, and has enough grip for a regular or hot yoga session. It has antibacterial properties to keep it fresh.

Brie Hamlet, Registered yoga instructor and fan of B Mats, she said “wDesigned with sweaty athletic practices in mind, it’s great resistance to heat and wear. Mine is four years old! “

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

Best Textured Surface: Manduka eKO Yoga Mat — $79.00

Manduka’s eKO pads are made from non-Amazon-harvested natural tree rubber and a non-toxic foaming agent that softens rubber, so you can use it and feel good about it. The pad is grippy, and it has a textured surface that gives it extra traction (and a cool aesthetic). It’s also very durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Alo Chakra Warrior Pad

Best Dry Wicking: Alo Warrior Mat — $100.00

Whether you’re holding a Warrior II, II, III, or a combination of all of the above, this rubber pad allows you to pose in style. It’s slip-resistant, odor-resistant and wicking to withstand extra sweat.Added Echo Wang, Founder and Chief Trainer yoga kava“This mat sits on the floor for smooth transitions between poses. It has a rubber backing that provides just the right amount of cushioning for this mat. The non-slip surface absorbs moisture and is perfect for hot yoga.”

Matify Cork Balance Yoga Mat

Best Cork: Matify The Cork Balance Yoga Mat – $83.00

Smith says this cork pad has a unique look and feel while also providing a firm grip. It’s sustainable and lightweight, with a subtle alignment pattern on top to help guide you during your yoga practice.

Manduka GRP Hot Yoga Mat

Best for Hot Yoga: Manduka GRP Hot Yoga Mat – $130.00

For those who enjoy hot yoga or just run hot, this ultra-slip, three-layer mat can handle sweat—even some sweat. It features a leather-like top layer to maximize grip, an open airflow filter and a charcoal-infused rubber core to eliminate odors. The top and bottom layers are made from sustainably harvested gum.

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