‘The Bad Guys’ Beat ‘The Northman’ and ‘The Unbearable Weight of Bulk Talent’

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This past weekend was an exciting one at the box office. We have no less than three major studio releases, and all of them are original IPs. Gasp, that is it could be! Okay, none of these movies are in Sonic numbers but it’s something of a relief to see that a film without a pre-existing franchise or recognizable built-in brand can get a wide release and have a studio that puts real money behind its marketing.

The top place goes to Bad People, the latest effort from DreamWorks Animation. This one got solid reviews and feels like a breath of fresh air amidst the flood of kids movies we get from year to year. From 4008 theaters, the film grossed $24 million. Again, no Sonic money, but it’s already making its way back into the budget thanks to international grosses (DreamWorks movies tend to be a lot cheaper than your average Disney animated feature.) Job well done there. But it makes me sad once again that Disney decided to skip the theatrical release for the beautiful one Be Red.

Northerners debuted at number four with $12 million, which is good for an R-rated violent revenge drama. Indeed, this particular Focus Features cost around $60 – 90 million so it is necessary to do long-term business to break even. Go see it. I like it.

Nic Cage as Nick Cage in The Unbearable Burden of Talent, a delightful meta-comedy that debuted at number five with $7,175 million from 3,036 theaters. I’ve seen some write this as a Twitter film-specific joke that will never appeal to audiences, but Cage’s personality has long been a defining part of his image, so I don’t get that statement. Comedy for adults doing any kind of business in the cinema never hurts to quip.

Things that are lacking hope for Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secret, which fell sharply 66.8% in the second week, down from one to three. It generates about $67.1 million domestically, which is about half of what Sonic the Hedgehog 2 have in banks in North America. Morbius of all films did better overall. Good grief. The franchise never went up – remember, the second film made about $140 million less than the first – but it’s still kind of surprising considering it’s the Harry Potter of all things. This property will never be mined for money by Warner Bros. but I imagine they will seriously rethink their business strategy in the coming months. Damn the king is suffering. trans rights!

In limited release news: Mexican rom-com Y como es el? brought in $630,000 from 325 theaters; Celine Sciamma’s delightful French drama little mom (one of my favorite films of 2021) earned $45,829 from four theaters; British crime comedy Duke grossed $28,797 from four places; and comedy pull out earned $20,500 from 101 theaters.

This coming week sees the release of the new ‘Liam Neeson shoots people’ film, Storage.

You can see the rest of the weekend’s box office here.

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