The Legend of Steven Seagal and “Judo” Jean Lebel

You don’t get the nickname “judo” without knowing a thing or two about fighting; just ask Steven Seagal. He only knew it was tough when he came face-to-face with “judo” Jean Lebel and boasted that he was able to escape any restraint a human body could throw at him. It must be said that at this stage, Steven “Teacher” Siegel was no slouch either, just ask the crew of the USS Missouri when it was under siege (he was just the cook there!).

The story goes that one day, Siegel threw away his tight gloves and announced that he could get Harry Houdini to ditch Gene Lebell’s villainous control. Gene ‘The Human Jaws of Life’ Lebell happily agreed. Then, apparently after a brief struggle, Siegel not only passed out, but died of choking secretions, that is, he passed out and defecates in his breeches.

It’s a story that lingers in the legacy of martial arts movies like farts in an elevator, no pun intended. However, is this true or is it just a hopeful propaganda for big judo? Well, former UFC champion Ronda Rousey certainly refutes Seagal’s claim that this is pure fiction and that Lebell has Alzheimer’s. When she said, “Okay, will you admit it? Clearly this guy is a liar… If he speaks ill of Gene in my face, I’ll have to let him wet his pants again.”

While forced second-degree defecation would never be condoned, Lebel’s insistence that it did happen is undoubtedly ludicrous, but it’s hard to prove. Fortunately for Siegel, Ron Balicki, a stuntman at the crime scene, told YouTuber VikingSamurai his own videotaped story.

In short, he claims that Lebell and Seagal were chatting casually when they started discussing the suspension. There were some minor disagreements between them, and Lebel, a black belt in judo, gave Siegel some advice. He slowly showed the right technique, but the moment he tightened slightly, Siegel’s feeling instinct kicked in and he gave him a quick blow.

Naturally, this led to a skirmish, and this time Lebell really started to put it on hold. Siegel seemed to nod to the entourage’s bodyguard that all was well, and he planned to twiddle with Lebel. At this point Baliki ran to find the chief stunt supervisor. The fact that he missed what happened during the scrappage didn’t add to his zealous defense, but when he returned with help, it was all over, saying there was no sign of regurgitated cafeteria food in the air.

For fans of Lebell who may not solve the problem, but for fans of Steven ‘Sensei’ Seagal, it should draw the line. The bottom line, however, is that as long as someone claims that Siegel has soiled himself in a fight of his own making, the rumors never get through.

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