They say: Pros speak at Challenge Championship press conference

The 10 top seeds for Sunday’s championship game expressed their hopes for the game at a press conference at the x-bionicsphere, where the tournament is hosted today. Athletes will compete for the €100,000 prize on Sunday.

More than 1,130 athletes from 42 countries will compete in the championship on May 22 and will be broadcast free on Coverage begins at 8:45am local time (2:45am EST), with male pros from 9:00am and female pros from 9:10am. For more information, visit

Here’s what they had to say at a press conference hosted by Canadian Triathlon magazine editor Kevin McKinnon:

Lucy Buckingham.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Defending champion Lucy Buckingham (UK) said her victory in such a strong field last year was a “huge shock” and she was looking forward to defending her title in what was bound to be a difficult day.

“The route is very challenging, even if the bike is flat it’s easy to over ride and then the running route with different surfaces is very tough, so Sunday will be a challenging day!”

Gustav Eden.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Gustav Iden (NOR), currently No. 2 in the PTO, said he wanted to do something positive after being disappointed not to be able to race at St. George.

“I tried to fake it until I made it in St George and sadly I didn’t! There were days when I really wasn’t myself, not only physically but mentally – I had to do something positive , and find the perfect opportunity to be in the right mindset for the championship. I’ve heard that running routes are brutal, Lucy just confirmed that, so I’ll try not to over-ride and see what I have left on my run … I’m not in the best shape, but we’ll see what happens on Sunday.”

Emma Palant-Brown.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Emma Pallant-Browne (GBR) says her crash at Clash Miami scares her, but she’s back on her feet now.

“Miami was scary for me and I got a real hit after that, which was unusual for me, but I had some breaks and now I’m back and feeling good. I absolutely love mountain biking, this No, but the challenging run was great fun, and it was an honest route, especially with the 20m draft rule, it made for a tough day and I’m looking forward to it.”

Frederick Fink.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Frederic Funk (GER) finished third in the tournament last year and says he’s in better shape this year.

“I do feel better than last year because last year I was injured before the game, but now I think I’m really healthy and winning here on Sunday means a lot, especially since I’m going to be No. 1 for a long time Time to defeat Gustav!”

Ashley is gentle.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) said she was looking forward to competing with a strong field and using it as a valuable learning experience.

“I’ve decided to go into the middle distance – I wouldn’t say I’ve completely figured it out. It’s a great opportunity to come here and compete with these women – that’s what you learn when you compete at this level Most places, that’s why I’m here, I’m really looking forward to it. What a great day to win Miami – it suits me perfectly because it’s hot and humid, like my home in Brisbane. Come It feels so new to be here, I can actually breathe, which is good! The course is completely different, but that’s why I’m here, I’m looking forward to challenging myself in the different courses so I can discover what I’m good at and Areas for improvement.”

Fenella Langridge.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Fenella Langridge (GBR) started her campaign for this year’s main race Challenge Roth after finishing 8th at St George.

“Without a doubt, St George was the toughest race I’ve ever played. It was the start of my next block and then all the roads lead to Rose. It’s a very prestigious event and the girls I raced against They’re all very strong, so it’s great to be close to the top anywhere, and either can happen on Sunday!”

Kyle Smith.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Kyle Smith (NZL), who was also racing two weeks after St George’s race, said that although he was tired, his head was still in the race.

“The muscles didn’t feel too bad, I did get tired, but that’s to be expected if you add a long trip – it’s not going to be an easy day, but you have to focus and keep going with it. I was here last year With Gustav Collins Cup racer, sadly, I was level on the bike path. It would be nice to be able to go around the course this time because it would be very special to be taped at a major event like this.”

Daniela Bremmel.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Daniela Bleymehl (DEU) said she was looking forward to competing after a break from the birth of her daughter 10 months ago.

“When I won the South African Championship, I hadn’t played in a while, it was a good day and now I’m so happy to be back here. I played in 2019 and I feel like I really wanted to be here Mom will come back to the game after that.”

Mickey Tagholt.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Mikki Taagholt (DEN) said he likes playing on tough surfaces and feels strong.

“I feel good to be in this race. I feel better after the Salo race and I’m very happy to be racing – it’s a very strong venue, I love the atmosphere here, I love racing with big dogs, I’m very happy Excited to be here and see what I can do on Sunday. I have to live in the moment and make the right decisions on the pitch – it’s going to be very difficult and that’s what makes it so interesting.”

Richard Varga.Photo: Jose Luis Hockard

Richard Varga (SLK) said the race at home was great, he enjoyed the edge he gave him and the lead in swimming was expected.

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