To stay healthy, yoga guru Savita Yadav recommends these poses

A 24/7 exhausting lifestyle, rather than moments of relaxation, makes us prone to some physical and mental health issues. Make yoga a part of your life to avoid problems like this. In News18 Hindi’s Facebook Live, yoga guru Savita Yadav explains certain yoga poses to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The video begins with Savita Yadav, who explains that everyone should take care of their health given the prevalence of pollution and other problems in the environment.

How to get started

Savita asks everyone to position themselves in lotus pose and forget everything related to their busy schedule. She asks everyone to focus on themselves. Savita then asked everyone to do a self-reflection. Next is the yoga guru explaining to everyone to focus on their breath. The yoga master then explained that when we exhale, we should pronounce the word OM. Savita then asked people to pray with her.

Strengthen your legs

To strengthen your legs, Savita recommends a simple exercise. She asked everyone to stand up and join their feet. For those who are having trouble doing so, Savita asks them to take some support and do this exercise. In this exercise, Savita asks everyone to lift their toes first. Then let the toes rest and everyone should lift their heels. Savita asks everyone to do this exercise constantly. Yoga gurus recommend doing this exercise more effectively with two sets of 30 counts. Savita also said that people can put their hands on their backs while doing this exercise.

After these two yoga sessions, Savita has a tip for everyone. According to her, after each pose, you should close your eyes and feel its effects.

third yoga

In this yoga, everyone should place their hands in front of the body. Then, they should lift their knees and make contact with their hands. While raising your knees, Savita also advises everyone to exhale.

After this yoga, Savita let everyone relax. While relaxing, one should relax the body.

Fourth Yoga

In this yoga, Savita asks people to cross their hands and lift their knees one by one. Savita repeated the exercise 20 times and asked everyone to relax to feel its effects.

(Disclaimer: The health tips shared in this article are based on common sense and common sense, and readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.)

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