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Justin Metzler As he enters the final stages of training for the first Ironman World Championships in St. George on May 7, he is in the best position to take advantage of the opportunity to take swimming, cycling and running classes in Utah to count down to the big day.

Outlining his current state and looking ahead to next month, he updates the audience with his latest video on his YouTube channel, which features a ton of impressive cinematography and is titled “Training Camp.”

“This climate, topography, heat, hills and red rocks are so different from anywhere else,” he said.

“We took this as an opportunity to ride, run and swim in the Sand Hollow Reservoir.”

Learn from “TO”

He was joined by longtime training partner Tim O’Donnell, whom he held in great respect throughout his career.

“It took a little while to get Tim out of here,” ‘Big Metz’ explained. “He has two young children and the family has responsibilities.”

The last time the IRONMAN World Championship was held, O’Donnell was, of course, the runner-up to Jan Frodino, in Kona in 2019, when he became the fourth man to complete a sub-8 hour race on the Big Island.

“I feel like I learn something new from him every day,” Metzler said. “I don’t think the World Championships are four weeks away and you’re not going to find someone with more World Championship experience.”

make his game plan

He qualified for St George with a second-place finish at the IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene last year, although there are no plans for Metzler so far this season, finishing 16th at CLASH Miami.

But he confirmed he feels fit, strong and ready to take on challenges from a physical standpoint. The American, however, sees the toughest challenge as game strategy: “I need to develop my game plan, that’s why I’m here. Every time we go out to practice, I think about my signature strengths and weaknesses, and my Something to rely on in this game.”

“The one message I would tell anyone is that this course is really hard. It exposes every aspect of your strengths and weaknesses.

“I feel like St. George is a place where I feel comfortable and comfortable. One of the reasons we decided to host this camp is that no one else would be lucky enough to be here for two weeks.”

And outlining his goals for the event, he added, “I do believe in myself to be in the top 10 and one result goal I’m not shy about is that I want to get a Kona seat. There are eight slots and they’ll start from already There’s a slot position to roll down, so I think the top 10 will definitely do that.

“Top 10 and a Kona spot is like winning this race for me – it’s my first IRONMAN World Championship, so it’s going to be a crazy debut.”

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