Two Knock-Off Sonic the Hedgehog Just Clashed

Dr. Starline turns out to be the newest threat to Sonic the Hedgehog. However, nothing is quite as simple as Eggman’s usual “conquer and destroy” routine. Starline has created two replacements for Sonic and Tails – Surge and Kitsunami – and hopes to replace the heroes of the Sonic universe with their own creations. With the Eggman kingdom and the heroes of this world on standby, Starline plans to become almost unstoppable.

However, Starline’s replacement hero will have to get past the original Sonic clone first. The doctor’s plan begins its final phase in Sonic the Hedgehog: Cheater Syndrome #4 (by Ian Flynn, Thomas Rothlisberger, Gigi Dutreix, Valentina Pinto and Shawn Lee). When the evil genius takes over Eggman’s base, Surge and Kitsunami are tasked with causing chaos. When Eggman learns that a Sonic wannabe is attacking him, he sends his own answers to Blue Blur to confront them.

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It was Surge versus Metal Sonic in the final issue of this spin-off series. In an interesting twist, Surge faces off against another replica of the beloved speedster. When Starline takes over Eggman’s kingdom, this battle essentially represents the overarching conflict between master versus apprentice, in this case Eggman versus his former protégé, Dr. Starline. Each opponent is one of the villains’ answers to Sonic the Hedgehog that they both want to use to replace their greatest rival.

As such, Starline versus Eggman’s fight is as much of a fight as Surge versus Metal Sonic. Two opponents are an indication of the style of these two evil geniuses. Metal Sonic Eggman is all mechanical with no thoughts or feelings. Meanwhile, Starline’s Surge is more advanced and lively, but perfectly mimics Sonic’s brusque demeanor. Both have flaws, as Metal is constrained by its technology and Surge rebels, but they both achieve the goal they were created to meet – getting along with Sonic.

The fight itself is going in a rather interesting direction. Metal Sonic is definitely superior. He countered many of his opponent’s moves, even smashing him to the ground at one point. However, the tide of battle changes thanks to one important factor — Kitsunami, the successor to Sonic’s best friend and partner, Tails. Kit’s water-based powers catch the robot off guard, allowing Surge to deactivate Metal while he is inside Kitsunami’s hydrokinetic water ball.

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Surge drops Metal Sonic’s lifeless skin to the ground claiming that the robot isn’t even good enough to forge. However, his cocky attitude might be misplaced. He was only able to defeat Metal thanks to the help he received from Kitsunami. He didn’t beat him alone, but rather, as part of a team. Sonic, on the other hand, has faced Metal Sonic in the past and won alone. This shows that he is not as great as he thought.

Even so, the fact that he was able to defeat Metal Sonic at all was impressive. In addition, he took down the robot establishing his position as Sonic’s de facto “replacement”, at least for now, and making him a worthy foe for Sonic. In addition, Metal’s defeat is the definitive proof of Starline snatching Eggman. This battle proves that the balance of power has shifted, and now Blue Blur has a new group of villains determined to take its place in the world.

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