Wellingborough Judo Club celebrates father and son success in competition

Schultan Wheelingborough Judo Club members with their medals

On Sunday (June 19), a group of fighters from the Shudan Wellingborough Judo Club competed in Erdington, Birmingham, for the Mixed Amateur Judo Association.

Compete and watch with fathers and sons, some for the first time, and it’s a special Father’s Day for all involved.

All told, the team won one gold, four silver and four bronze medals.

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Young members of the Wheelingboro Judo Club Schultan with their medals

Andrew Hull, senior coach at the Shudan Wellingborough Judo Club, said: “It was an excellent first bout for all four boys, with their proud parents watching from the edge of the mat.”

The game starts with the junior players, with Emil going first. He lost the first match, but then won the second match at osaekomi and took home a silver medal.

Then there was James, who lost the first game but won the second with a deadly pitch. James won the silver medal.

Next up was Harry, who also took silver after winning the first and third races.

While Harry was collecting his silver medal, his younger brother Archie was holding down his first opponent, the highest score in judo to end a fight.

Archie went on to win his second fight with wazari, the second-highest score a fighter could achieve, taking another mune gatame chest hold and eventually earning him the silver medal.

Matthew followed, quickly throwing his first opponent to ippon with an o soto gari (main outside harvest) followed by a seamless transition to an osaekomi hold.

In his second game, Matthew had already scored a koka and he went on to throw his opponent to ippon to win the game.

Matthew’s third match was against the GB players, and Matthew won with ippon after his opponent surrendered from the hold, earning him the Shudan team’s first gold of the day.

While Matthew was fighting, Tommy won his first fight with a left-handed o goshi hip throw, earning him the bronze medal.

Tommy’s father, Bobby, was the first for the seniors and quickly gained obedience in the first fight with the juji gatame arm lock.

After Bobby’s first game, Brandon got up and then they had to fight for the second game.

“Fighting with your club mates is often more stressful than fighting opponents at other clubs and in this case Bobby has the upper hand,” Andrew said.

Brandon pulled it out of the hat in his final fight and won with a surrender of Ude garame arm lock.

Both lads won bronze medals for themselves in their first match.

Michael was the last Schultan to compete on the day, winning the bronze medal after two hard fights for the six black belts.

Their success stemmed from David and his younger brother Oliver, who played Saturday in High Wycombe for their northern home county Orange Belt and game. David won three of his four races, earning him a bronze medal, while Oliver won two of his four races and missed the podium.

Anyone interested in trying judo can visit the club website or stop by during class hours to watch.

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