What the New Series Takes to Get Right

Before attorney Matt Murdock pulled up a chair at Aunt May’s kitchen table in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Daredevil has languished since 2018. Accompanying the cameo, we received official word from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will be joining the MCU lineup.

Straight from Feige is official, so fans rejoice at the announcement. But how will their beloved Hornheads grace the MCU? New show? A movie? We got our answer on May 19 with statements from producers and screenwriters Matt Corman and Chris Ord. The couple announced that they are tied to the new Disney+ Daredevil series is in the planning stages.


Charlie Cox is back, but what about supporting cast members Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, and more? The series is largely built on Cox’s charisma, charm, and rock-solid embodiment of the character Murdock and his alter ego, but Daredevil still an ensemble effort. Also, there’s a blood red elephant in the room — the hallmark of graphic violence from the original series. Will the Mouse allow their brutal beatings and bloody results to continue on his platform? Or will the new series blunt the lead of the original Netflix iteration?

This is what Daredevil reboot needs to be done right and what needs to be maintained from the original series.

Bring Back the Original Brave Cast & Storyline

What we most want to see Daredevil is continuity in the cast and storyline. Will Disney start over with just Charlie Cox? No way, because Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin, has been set to break out of prison and terrorize New York once again. That Daredevil the cast is amazing, nailing every role from a tough one-off to a series stay. Henson’s frail but brave Foggy Nelson is the co-heart of the show alongside the haunted but determined by Woll Cox and Karen Paige is the connective tissue. And, of course, there’s Vincent D’Onofrio’s excellent performance as the enigmatic and vivacious crime boss, Fisk. These actors should be back for the next round.

Daredevil’s character arc has rounded and perfected him as the person under the mask and body armor. His journey was filled with triumphs and disappointments, scars and doubts, but he always made it through. The final shot of the original series sees Daredevil watching his town from the rooftops after another fierce battle with Fisk and his own demons. It’s a loose ending and a great starting point for a new series.

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Oh, not to mention a little Daredevil villain named Bullseye. Disney+ also acquires and publishes all previous Netflix titles immediately upon acquiring the rights. Looks like Disney knows what they have, and Daredevil will pick up where the third season left off.

Let the blood flow freely this time

Daredevil applies to comics in almost every way. It takes some liberties and refreshes some characters, but overall it’s pulled straight from the pages of the best Frank Miller issues. With one aspect that really stands out: the graphic violence and gore is on par with ’80s slasher movies. The blood and gore in the original was, at times, a little too much. We’re not clutching pearls, and the comics aren’t rated G, but the production definitely has a fake blood budget on par with Friday the 13th sequel.

If the action stayed the same, there wouldn’t be any complaints, but Disney wouldn’t. If Daredevil can imitate performances such as Hawkeye and moon knight, they will be in good shape. The series hit the perfect tone of violence and percent. After all, the original show was about his heart, not a severed head. Thinking Falcon and Winter Soldier tastefully showing off a few cuts and a broken arm without the need for a gag bag.

Continue Netflix Series Theme

Between Daredevil choreography and character development are themes of a broader and larger picture. Daredevil It’s not just fighting bad guys for fun on Friday nights. He tries to save his city, one back alley fight and low-level street criminal at a time. Sometimes more than one. “This is MY city, MY family!” Daredevil fondly shouts at Fisk before knocking him out for the count and the police.

Netflix Daredevil hit not only on the face but on the tone of morals, redemption, and hope. Disney+ has an excellent track record so far. Its MCU slate isn’t quite the CGI-added action and explosion yet. From WandaVision ride through Hawkeyethe streaming service has taken a cue from its predecessor Netflix by injecting each MCU series with its own unique theme and tone.

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Daredevil effectively rolling out the MCU show roster while the streaming service is just a flash in Disney’s eyes, so there’s nothing to prove in terms of originality. The formula set by Daredevil in season three it just worked, so the next adventure should count as season four.

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