Which came first, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Sonic CD?

Latest announcement for Sonic the Hedgehog tended to lead to a shift in Sega’s most famous brand. Sonic Origin saw the first four Sonic games remastered and upgraded for the new generation, with cutscenes added to bring them together. Fans have noticed that Sonic Origin list sonic CD between sonic 1 and sonic 2. Over the years, where sonic CD falling on the timeline has been a huge debate among fans, and now Origin has shone a new light into the discussion.


It’s understandable why Sonic fans have been questioning where sonic CD fits into the timeline, being in an aesthetically awkward position, as well as in terms of development. sonic 2 and sonic CD developed at the same time, with a general idea behind sonic CD creature”Sonic on the Sega CD” rather than a direct sequel, according to Naoto Ohshima. Ohshima is the director of sonic CDand have mentioned that in fact CD doesn’t the numbered title change the way Sega treats it during development compared to sonic 2, which was released first. The way these titles are developed differently puts the two in a unique place, but this doesn’t help with the question of which came first.

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Case for Sonic the Hedgehog 2

In Sonic the Hedgehog, players could only get the true ending if they managed to collect all the Chaos Emeralds from the Special Stages. The same secret ending applies to sonic 2, and the sequel also introduced Super Sonic as a reward for its completion. with how sonic CD focusing on the Time Stone rather than the Chaos Emerald, some fans find it absurd to Dr. Robotnik to stop the quest to find the Emerald of Chaos in between adventures for a completely different gemstone. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 also make that case CD happened after Sonic 3 and Knuckles as part of its marketing, but Sonic Mania seems to have changed that.

However, mania also abandoned sonic CDimplying it might happen after Sonic Mania. There is also a strange case of a silver Mecha Sonic seen in the Death Egg in sonic 2. Having Mecha Sonic come after Metal Sonic by placing CD The first in the timeline has been somewhat controversial for many fans, appearing like a downgrade to the character. Ohshima has agreed to this claim, saying Mecha Sonic was later replaced by Metal Sonic. This means that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 come before sonic CD.

The Case for Sonic CD CD Timeline Placement

While many fans think Dr. Eggman takes a detour for the odd Time Stones in the overall narrative, the lack of Tails in sonic CD is a good reason why it might have happened before sonic 2. Sonic also lacks the iconic Spin Dash in CDsaid to be taught to Sonic by Tails in a sonic 2 manually. Since it’s only in American manuals, this fact is probably out of date. However, there is also a hidden image found in Sega’s CD title sound test featuring Tails saying, “See you in the next game,” implying sonic 2 come after CD.

Yasushi Yamaguchi, creator of Tails who is also working on Sonic CD special stages, said the way the game is presented may make players think CD come before sonic 2. This is due to reuse sonic 1 sprites and aesthetics, which makes many fans feel as if CD out of place if it doesn’t follow the first title. sonic 4, despite the marketing, also offers a good reason why Metal Sonic is absent from other titles. Little Planet, where Metal Sonic was destroyed, only appears once a year. With sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles there to fill the time between sonic CD and sonic 4it provides many opportunities for the return of the Little Planet.

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What Sonic Origins Brings to the Series

While there are many reasons for both sides of the argument, Sonic Origin seems to insist that sonic CD come before sonic 2. Considering how this collection aims to create a more cohesive narrative between games, the order is most likely for the sake of keeping things consistent. This is done as part of the revitalization effort Sonic in building for Sonic Frontier. Writer for Sonic FrontierIan Flynn, also commissioned to write Origin‘ cutscene, which Flynn helped Sega prepare exactly Sonic timeline.

After 30 years of leaving Classic Sonic’s timeline blurred, Sega choosing to suddenly fill the void wasn’t something that was decided without a bigger reason. Between the TailsTube series answering lore’s questions, and Flynn being the author of the latest official guidebook, Sonic Origin is one step to build brand stability for the franchise. While some fans may disagree with the way sonic CD placed on a new timeline, Origin‘ cutscenes can provide evidence or a story beat that makes the placement more plausible. All fans need to do now is wait Sonic Origin to let go.

Sonic Origin releasing on June 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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