Why Posture Matters to Your Next Game

Why Posture Matters to Your Next Game

posture you say? It’s not a sexy word. It doesn’t instill a sense of excitement. If I tell you, a lot of back pain, neck pain, hip pain, ankle and foot problems are the result of poor posture. If I tell you, improving your posture allows you to perform better, walk faster, and generate more power.

When the word posture is mentioned, the first thing that many people think of is often standing up straight. It’s true that when I meet people for the first time and they find out what I’m doing, nine times out of ten they’ll sit up straight and smile and say…”oh my posture is terrible” but if you open the package again , most people don’t realize what bad posture can actually do to your body.

Insight 1: What is Posture

So what do we mean by posture

Let’s use the skeleton as the key building block:

Bones have an ideal position – enough space between each bone. They sit correctly in the joints for easy movement. Muscles connect from one bone to another, and their job is to keep the bones in the correct position within the skeleton. When this happens, there is no pain and pain and the body moves freely and optimally – it’s really just common sense.

As a reference for good posture, we try to align the middle of the ear with the middle of the shoulder, through the middle of the hip, and through the middle of the ankle.

Insight 2: Poor posture affects performance

But what happens when the muscles around the joint become unbalanced. Imagine a person sitting at a desk for a long time with their shoulders bent forward. In this case, the muscles in the front of the chest become stronger and shorter as they continually pull the shoulders and upper back forward into a rounded shoulder position. This has two effects on the body:

  • Pull forward, putting pressure on the muscles of the neck and upper back
  • it pulls the bones into a bad alignment

This pose can cause pain in the neck, upper back and buttocks, as well as joint pain (bursitis, tendinitis… one of those inflammatory conditions)


Try this

Stand up and roll your shoulders forward, really exaggerated. Can you feel the instant tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back muscles?

Stand tall now. Head up, chest out, shoulders open. Which pose feels better?

It is not difficult to imagine that walking around with shoulders leaning forward for 20 years will cause many people to feel neck and back pain every day

If the bone is pulled into the wrong place in the joint, it can lead to deterioration and wear of the joint and the muscles associated with the joint. The result is pain and even injury. Think about running. Your hip flexors connect from your lower back to your knees. If your hip flexors are too tight, they can pull on your knees and lower back, causing the vertebrae to squeeze against each other and limiting knee motion. Add to that the impact of your feet while running and you can see the results – lower back and knee pain.

Insight 3: Good posture means good form

If your core is strong and the muscles around your joints are strong and balanced, it means you can perform ideal poses. You can generate more power from each swim, improve your reach, run faster when you run, and generate more power when you ride from a strong, stable core and strong hips.


Insight 4: Pilates will reverse the curve

We don’t stretch for stretch’s sake. Stretching will lengthen the muscle and hopefully return it to the ideal position. Think again about bones and muscles. If your body posture is poor, the muscles on one side of the joint will tighten, pulling the bone forward, and the muscles behind the joint will lengthen and weaken, which can also cause the bone to be pulled into a bad position.

Because of yin and yang, what we do on one side of the body or joint, we need to do the opposite on the other side of the joint. So continue with the chest example. If we stretch one side of the joint, we need to strengthen the muscles on the other side of the joint in order to be able to hold the muscles in place.

Compare these two photos. the same person. Take them one after the other, so there is no change in body composition.Which one looks slimmer, which one looks healthier, which one looks more confident, which one looks like they’ll move more efficiently, less pain and pain, faster


Pilates is designed to strengthen the core and develop strong balance muscles around the joints – it returns the body to the ideal posture and enables you to develop the strength to maintain that posture. Pilates exercise then teaches you how to apply it to your swimming, cycling and running so you can do your best.

If you want to take your first steps towards good posture and all the benefits it has to offer, why not try our free 28-day posture challenge. It is purely online and can be customized to your needs.click here Join now.

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