World Triathlon is back

2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama and 2022 World Triathlon Series Yokohama

The World Triathlon is back!

We are all patiently waiting in the offseason and eager to see Team USA get to the international starting line!

It’s a great way to kick off the 2022 season with back-to-back elite events taking place on the same day as both the elite triathlon and the elite triathlon on the same day.

If you’re one of the die-hard fans who stayed up late to watch all three events due to time zones (especially your Eastern coaster), we salute your commitment to supporting Team America. Nothing beats a midnight triathlon!

If you’re not watching the game live, you can watch WPS and WTCS replays and all upcoming events on All triathlon members can use code NF2022 at checkout to get 20% off their annual pass.

Good triathletes got us started this past weekend. Eight athletes from five sports classes competed in Yokohama.

Team USA showed up.

We won a total of seven medals on race day, including four golds!

Kyle Coon, along with his guide Zack Goodman, won the American’s first gold medal in the PTVI division. This is Coon’s third WPS victory!

Team USA’s first women’s gold medal in Yokohama went to Grace Norman in the PTS5 exercise class. It reminded her of her gold medal in Yokohama in 2019, which was a nice win!

Although her British counterpart Lauren Steadman didn’t race last weekend, check out this story to find out how Norman and Steadman are training together this winter to get ready for the season!

Melissa Stockwell is a two-on-two winner in Yokohama the past two years. She won last year in 2021 and is back this year with a gold medal.

What’s more impressive? Just a few weeks before she ran the Boston Marathon!

Kelly Worrell won her first gold medal in Yokohama in her debut World Triathlon Paralympics Series!

Female elite triathletes are not far behind. A star-studded roster brings all the top talent to start the new year. Yokohama will count for the third game on the full tour to win the 2022 World Championship this year since WTCS Hamburg and WTCS Abu Dhabi counted last fall.

Four American women participated in the competition. Taylor Knibb, Erika Ackerlund, Taylor Spivey and Kirsten Kasper.

The year had a strong start, with three women making the top 10.

Taylor Knibb scored the top score of the weekend for Team USA. She performed well from start to finish, finishing sixth overall and third overall.

Kasper followed Spivey in ninth place. Acklerund finished the US Women’s event in 15th, her third WTCS event after entering the series last year!

If you’ve competed in the men’s race, you’ll know that large groups of people move together in swimming and cycling events and let the race decide the outcome.

Four U.S. men are represented on the starting line.

Kevin McDowell rounded out the top men’s finish of the day, finishing 10th. Matt McElroy has not played in the WTCS in Yokohama since June 2021 due to an injury. He had a strong turnout, finishing 13th after putting out an impressive bike and running split.

Seth Rider was 24th and Chase McQueen was 42nd.

The next WTCS event will be in Leeds, England on June 11, including a mixed relay on June 12.

HerbaLife24 Triathlon LA
Los Angeles, California

The first PTO Pro-Am race took place on Sunday at the HerbaLife24 Triathlon in Los Angeles.

Held at the Olympic distance, the event unites PTO professionals with CAF athletes (Challenge Athletes Foundation) to complete three disciplines.

The familiar American names added are Sam Long, Allysa Seely, Chris Hammer and Heather Jackson.

Gold Nugget Triathlon
Anchorage, Alaska

The Gold Nugget Triathlon is Alaska’s only women’s triathlon, enabling women of all experience levels to improve their lives through sport!

Find out more about the competition here.


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